the Chinese-made model FC-1 fighter in Paris Air Showed debut to win foreign clients

Chinese-made model FC-1(Xiaolong in Chinese) fighters in Paris Air Show debut for foreign clients.

Exhibition show in Paris, France, the scene, China Aviation Industry Corporation (referred to in the aircraft industry) carrying L-15 Falcon senior trainer, Xiaolong fighter, the new series of turboprop regional jet boat, H425-based variety of foreign trade, such as civilian helicopters focus product exhibitors. This is the aircraft industry in November 2008 after the establishment of the reorganization of the integration of overseas air show debut. The picture shows in the domestic aviation industry exhibitors Xiaolong fighter model. Xiaolong fighter is from China and Pakistan jointly developed by the aircraft of Pakistan Air Force has the equipment, but also Pakistan and China have signed a total of one billion U.S. dollars of military procurement contracts, the Palestinian side will purchase Xiaolong 40 fighter planes for the Pakistan Air Force to enhance combat effectiveness. There are multi-national Xiaolong fighters of our country with the intention to buy. Xiaolong's debut show in Paris to take part in international military competition in the market for new foreign customers, it will have a positive impact on exports.

Xiaolong fighter plane model of abdominal

Xiaolong fighters inlet cumingii

the European company MBDA behind the Xiaolong fighter model

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but, this is the "chinese F-16"