U.S. accuses China of military power against the United States, Zhang zhaozhong: Mind your own business!

Cameron, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently said that China's economic strength in the strong support to strengthen the building of China's military strength, including: the navy and air force, it appears that for the U.S. military. For the matter, the Chinese National Defense University, Professor Zhang in an interview with the media, Major-General so that the eastward shift of U.S. forces in the strategy is directed exclusively against the Chinese came. He also believed that the U.S. military to occupy 67 percent of world military spending, there is no reason to blame the Chinese. Prior to this, there are scholars believe that the U.S. is the greatest threat to world peace.
The U.S. military believes that the threat of Chinese military power

Integrated Voice of the U.S. military reported that Cameron, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently said: "They are focused on the development of naval and air forces, and can be seen from many aspects for us, for our Navy and is located in the region U.S. military bases. "Radio Australia, May 5 in the report when the news said:" The Chinese government announced in March of this year's annual defense budget of 70 billion U.S. dollars. China in recent 20 years, military spending each year the percentage of double-digit growth. "

Li Jie of China naval expert, said: 'U.S. has been to create an imaginary enemy, in order to develop its own military power to find excuses. How China's military threat to the U.S. military does? '

Rear Admiral Yang Yi, China's National Defense University, said senior officials of the U.S. military explicitly described as China's military strength against the U.S. military, Cameron is the first one. In the international strategic situation is against the backdrop of unrest, the Chinese must be on guard against U.S. and some other countries as if by prior agreement, or the formation of premeditated a new round of 'China threat theory' of the chorus.

American Research Center of Fudan University, Professor, Shanghai Institute of American Panrui the Secretary-General said that the Chinese would also like to watch out for the U.S. military in the back to go further than such accusations publicly, in the strategic arrangement between the allies and the military deployment, and this may affect the United States and China and the United States and allies in the Asia-Pacific relations.

Chinese scholars: the U.S. military is the greatest threat to peace

Major-General of the National Defense University of China Professor Zhaozhong media in Beijing, said: "You (meaning the U.S.) is now the eastward shift the strategy, the deployment of forces in Northeast Asia to nearly 10 million people, it is against whom?

"Fiscal year 2010, the U.S. military is 530 billion U.S. dollars, then added, together with the 140 billion U.S. dollars of war funding, 670 billion U.S. dollars, 670 billion U.S. dollars accounted for 67 percent of world military spending. The rest of the one of the other 33 percent, to 200 countries shared equally the remaining 33 percent, the military itself to a lot of you do? you can you can not afford to cut the military spending half? "," China's military power can not be less able to control things a little? "

China's Jiangxi Province Network October 22, 2008 published in the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Fellow, said: "In the international arena, the United States is the most typical characteristics of an alliance, political subversion, creating chaos and war, the U.S. military is the world's largest peace threat. "

China Jingbao-net May 8, 2007 published in the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences researcher Ma zhongliang said: "The United States was afraid of right-wing forces in the rise of China, the U.S. military to implement the Western hostile forces, conspiracy to split China has not relaxed."

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