Kim Dae-jung calls on China's efforts to resume six-party talks

Kim Dae-jung, former President of the Republic of Korea (ROK) urged China to bring early resumption of the six-party talks at a press conference in Beijing Friday.
Kim is on a five-day visit to China this week, aiming to seek China's "positive influence on the not-so-good relations between the DPRK and the ROK at present," and build a more friendly ROK-China relationship.
Kim met with Xi Jinping, Vice President of China during his stay in Beijing. "As a nation being able to alleviate the unsatisfactory situation on the Korean peninsula, China is expected to help," Kim said, "China has expressed its willingness to provide positive assistance."
Talking about the closely-related cultures of China and the ROK, Kim compared the two nations as brothers sharing the destiny. "China feels the same when ROK is unease," said Kim.
Responding to criticisms that China's policy to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) were not strong enough, Kim said China has been making his utmost efforts in this issue.
Kim stressed that China has a clear opposition to the DPRK's nuclear program to the same extent as the ROK does, and said that Japan and the ROK are likely to follow suits in case the DPRK develops the nuclear weapons.
"It would be a nightmare for China if Japan became a nuclear power," Kim added.
While confirming the positive role the six-party talks have played, Kim also warned that haste does not work. "Wisdom and patience should be resorted for solutions," Kim said.

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