Sino-US confrontation in the Yellow Sea News vessels seriously damaged the image of the Chinese Navy

U.S. Department of Defense May 5, local time, said two Chinese fishing May 1 in the Yellow Sea with a U.S. Navy ship to monitor the occurrence of "confrontation", the U.S. Navy prison ship near the end of the Chinese warships to issue a "call" request.

Related News said that the U.S. Department of Defense officials said that China and the United States over the past two months occurred in the fifth ships such as "stand-off" incident, two Chinese fishing boats at a distance of 272 kilometers of the coastline of China in international waters "near the "U.S." Victory ", two vessels traveling to China from the" Victory "only 30 yards distance. 3384 tons at the time the incident of the U.S. "Victory" ocean monitoring vessel was the Pentagon's so-called "China and the Korean peninsula between the waters of day-to-day operations." "Victory" alarm system sounded, the crew tried to use fire to disperse the Chinese fishing taps. Subsequently, by the United States known as the "WAGOR17" Chinese warships from the United States report to the police and rushed to the scene of the accident to the boat lights.
Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said: "We are through a variety of diplomatic channels to resolve the matter. It must be stressed that the United States confirmed that the Chinese vessel is a dangerous act." At the same time that the United States, it is not clear the intention of Chinese fishing boats.
The United States to release this news is that China's official intent on behalf of one of the Chinese Navy "WAGOR17" by Chinese fishing vessels to help "confrontation" of the U.S. Navy to monitor the interference from the ship, the Pentagon said in the statement: "WAGOR17 effective interventions. "that is, the Chinese navy's" WAGOR17 "taken" effective "means the expulsion of the Chinese fishing vessels for the U.S. Navy's" confrontation. "
U.S. Department of Defense did not say attack Chinese fishing boats in the U.S. "Victory" to monitor the ship, the two sides only "confrontation" and received a call of a U.S. warship in the Chinese Navy "WAGOR17" long-haul ships came to help the Americans off their fishing boats - and the fishing vessel did not help themselves "confrontation" The United States warships.
Ma chaoxu5 Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on the 6th month, the U.S. Navy ships to monitor the "victory" of its violations of international law and relevant Chinese laws and regulations, without the permission of the Chinese side to enter the exclusive economic zone of the activities of the Yellow Sea of China. The Chinese side expresses concern over the United States have been asked to take effective measures to avoid recurrence of similar incidents.
The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Area Fishery Board, an official on May 6 to accept the "Global Times" reporter, said that the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Area Fishery Board are looking for media reports that referred to two "to stir up trouble" for their own fishing boats, and understand the specific situation at sea.
Ma chaoxu that with the U.S. Department of Defense that there is a significant difference, that is, since the Chinese side that the U.S. "victory" is in breach of the relevant international law and Chinese laws and regulations, without the permission of the Chinese side into the Yellow Sea in China's exclusive economic zone activities, Why the Chinese Navy "WAGOR17" No. If the U.S. Department of Defense also said to take "effective" means the expulsion of the Chinese fishing it? Rather than a more "effective" means the United States Navy warship off?
In my opinion, these two initiatives with the United States warships in the Yellow Sea "confrontation" of the Chinese fishing boats, of course, China's sea power to defend the well-deserved heroes, but is not official in some eyes, they are 2 "to stir up trouble" for their own fishing boats, authority to do the stem by the Chinese warships thing?
I also hope that these two "to stir up trouble" and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture Chinese fishing boats can be found as soon as possible so that all telling the truth, in particular, to clarify that the parties to the Chinese Navy "WAGOR17" China and the United States warship in the vessel in very asymmetric, "confrontation" in (the military and party boats, party boats), what in the end serve as a role.
I do not believe that our warships will take the initiative to "confrontation" to defend China's territorial seas of the Chinese fishing boats will be taken "effective" means expulsion of.
The Chinese Navy is even more necessary to clarify the specific times the Yellow Sea, "stand-off" incident and the details of all the facts.
As far as I can imagine that, in fact, the matter shall be the whole story is this:
To detect trends in China have the task of the United States submarine "victory" in its monitoring of vessels and the South China Sea with vessels arising from the confrontation between China conflict "perfect" is the same as in the Yellow Sea has a sinister military purposes, but it happened bold action by two sharp-eyed and heroic spirit of the Chinese fishing boats found (China each want to be a patriot is the one on board), then such as the United States Department of Defense described as "confrontation" occurred, and the courage to stop a Chinese fishing boat U.S. Navy ships off the road, fast vessels traveling the United States had to slam the brakes, as long as 1 hour after years of "confrontation", the "victory" is a warning to each other, and trying to fire off the tap Chinese fishing until near a Chinese naval vessel information from the United States.
Then, the Chinese Navy "WAGOR17" its involvement in the incident, "off" with the United States prior to vessel "confrontation" and the Chinese fishing boat, I think, to take over the Chinese Navy "WAGOR17" its done in the two:
First, with the "victory" the United States ship to continue its "confrontation."
Second, adopting a policy of "effective" means the expulsion of the U.S. vessels.
Chinese warships have no reason to use a more "effective" means the expulsion of the two "suicide" to stop the U.S. Navy to monitor the build huge ship that obviously build two small fishing boats in China.
But how about the truth?
Countless Chinese people would like to know.
Today's "Global Times" to "Sino-US confrontation demotion to deal with the Yellow Sea" for this report, from information disclosed by the Chinese government still has not completely the truth of the matter, I think this kind of "demotion processing" may be conducive to therefore a matter between China and the United States foreign relations caused by differences between the upgrade is a desirable means of diplomacy, but China and the United States as a result of the incident released official information asymmetry, especially the Chinese side of the incident involving the Chinese navy "WAGOR17 "At that time its too much intervention in the situation of" demotion "was in fact damaged the Chinese navy in the image of the Chinese people.
I do not believe that it will be killed by the U.S. State Department spokesman mouth like that of the Chinese Navy.
Moreover, we very much like to know at the time that two "Huang", "Dong Cunrui" Where the spirit of the Chinese fishing child, what is the name, who is driving.
Tomorrow, May 8, 10 years ago, the United States bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, China and the United States, whether official or non-governmental "confrontation" and "confrontation" and "hostile" injustice has always been rooted by debt Any incident is not an isolated accident, and Titan is responsible for security of the Chinese armed forces should be the people should always remember these from the root.
At this point, to all patriots shouting "Long live."

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