Completely beyond the imagination! Alarming information on China's national defense science and internal exposure!(Photos)

China's advanced high-speed hydrodynamic laboratory, J-14 fighter ... ...

Institute the focus of a Model "vacuoles," one of the pilot plant, our storm!

"Vacuoles" test!

Development of a research institute under China's complete acceptance of drift chamber

China superconducting magnetic fluid in a test site for installation

Some model depressed trajectory offensive missile which develops by the female weaver X rocketsonde

Debug prototype gas-cooled reactor XXMW (fourth-generation reactors)

In the world the unique Chinese submarine live transmission observation system - - live transmission dives the sign
Buoys and submarine observation means objective is similar, but have their own advantages. Buoy floats on the surface, the measurement data base can be directly returned, with the ability to obtain real-time data. However, the safety buoys poor, vulnerable to damage; buoy the value of millions of equipment is damaged, it suffered heavy losses on the one hand, valuable data will be interrupted. In contrast, the potential to be the subject of security is much higher. Superscript in the underwater diving more than 100 meters, not vandalism, not drag nets also may be the same as continuous data collection buoys. However, the submarine can not be the subject of real-time data base in return, because electromagnetic waves can not penetrate the water layer, and only recovered in order to read out the data. In this way, potential data as a standard of historical data and is unable to meet the needs of real-time monitoring, a significant decline in the value of data.

In many cases, the natural process of real-time monitoring and to avoid security risks caused by human beings are to be taken into account. The event of war, we need real-time data, but also to ensure the safety of the system, then, marked buoys and submarine is not in conformity with the requirements and nature in order to obtain a double confrontation with the victory, we are considering the development of a new equipment, either as potential the same standard in underwater security monitoring, but also real-time data transmission will be out. Formed the subject of the development of the concept of real-time transmission potential.

Potential real-time transmission standard is essentially a standard potential, the difference is an increase of surface antenna system. Standard antenna and potential water connections, data transfer via communication satellites to the Base. Antenna the size of the water system is very small, only a few dozen centimeters of scale, it is difficult to be discovered, the security is much greater than the buoy. Surface antenna system objects, such as it was inadvertently damage fishing nets, there is still a certain degree of risk. Therefore, in the real-time transmission potential of the subject prepared the design of several sets of antennas.
China's military "water type Ⅲ Moses" robot

Intelligent underwater weapons widely used naval equipment in the 21st century the trend of development. Intelligent underwater robot technology research is aimed at the modernization of the Navy to meet the new demand for weapons, for the realization of the southeast coast in a high-tech local war to win an effective means to provide.

"Military intelligence technology of underwater robots," in relation to the underwater vehicle design, hydrodynamic, simulation technology, computer technology, intelligent control and artificial intelligence technology, the sound of underwater targets and non-acoustic detection of visual recognition technology, and information fusion and understanding technology, system integration technology, high-tech multi-disciplinary projects, while at the same time has a strong engineering characteristics.

The Chinese self-restraint's 6000 meters do not have the cable automatic control underwater robot

Chinese military underwater micro robot

The underwater robots are crawling machines, television camera system, two-dimensional Yuntai, robot, underwater suction pump and control system.
Applied to clear the ports, naval bases, ships at the bottom of the underwater inspection of unknown objects, etc., is the Navy special equipment.

China's second-generation laboratory plasma devices in the installation of superconducting

MUON system in China successfully

"973" Project Accelerator

Institute a high-frequency transmitter in the installation and commissioning

Institute a high-energy radiation-to-air observation devices (satellites used)

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