Chinese twin engine J-10 plan already not possible, the J-11 re-equipping boards the aircraft carrier!

The Chinese website spreads Chinese J-13 fighter plane

Chinese J-11B fighter plane

The reason that raises twin engine J-10 in here, is because until now also some people crave in twin engine J-10. Actually we are calm, thinks carefully will discover many questions.
First, about twin engine J-10 reported most early originates in the US. Actually this is the American consistent use trick. They always proposed that some we thought makes sense the suggestion to flicker very much we, misleads us. Certainly, the true great idea they will not always give us. In the airplane aspect, the big airplane project, we do not have on few American's working as particularly.

Next, J-10 alters to the twin engine to have many disadvantage factors really, the shortcoming is bigger than the advantage.

1. J-10 basically already finalized now. Already infinite big modification space. If based on this again adds an engine, nearly all spots must modify. Its air operated, the fax flies controls, fuel tank, vertical stabilizer, landing gear, gallows. This is no different with anew designs a new type.

2. re-equips successfully, you thought how many battle efficiencies twin engine J-10 can also be left over? Although two engines may enhance J-10 to hang carry ability. But do not forget, the AL-31FN engine's weight also had 1750kg. to add on many engines again, caused the fuel tank changes is small. The combat radius sells at a discount greatly. Such carrier-borne air craft combat, does not have what threat to be possible really to say.

3. J-10's air intake is under. Without doubt, such design to J-10 again appropriate. But we knew, takes a model of carrier-borne air craft, its landing gear is important how. No matter is its intensity its quality is the ordinary land-based fighter aircraft is unable to compare. But after J-10 alters to the carrier-borne air craft, is really very doubtable, could its landing gear withstand.
In summary, the author thought that the J-10 carrier-borne air craft's plan is invalid. Therefore, only remains now [as soon as the plan changed on only then J-10]. [As soon as we can only anticipate J-10 now to change] can early a space ship. Because our country too needed the heavy fighter plane!

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What if I told you that I already have photos of the twin-engine J-10C?

Both J-10C and J-15 (J-11 carrier variant) will serve aboard.