Chinese netizens think that the neighboring country carves up our sea territory attempt not to be able to prevail

As countries one after another in the May 13 to submit applications for the 200-mile continental shelf, the world blowing a "sea-circle movement." Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and China's neighboring countries in the maritime delimitation cases involve violations of our sovereignty. The territory of neighboring countries to carve up the ocean I can succeed? Most Chinese users are given the answer is: will not succeed!

Beijing time at 2:00 p.m. on May 13, 1999 Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf to the "United Nations Convention on the Law of marine," the State party to set up the 10-year limit expired, "the world's blue enclosure" movement into the climax. From Vietnam and Malaysia submitted a violation of the South China Sea, Islands sovereignty "submission", the Republic of Korea also submitted on the 11th, "the submission of the East China Sea." Involved in the sovereignty of our territorial waters in a storm again.

However, on the 13th in the World Wide Web survey in the afternoon, as at 20 o'clock the night of 14, and 51.8 percent of users will vote for the anti-side, saying that "the territorial waters of neighboring countries in an attempt to divide our country will not succeed," number of votes for 1392.
"Strength" is the word refer to the largest number of netizens reasons. Friends said that in comparison with the neighboring countries, China's national strength stronger than a year for one year, these countries would like to grab China's marine territory, it will probably not be that simple. Some Internet users angrily said: "The divide is not possible that China is not any punches either, anyone who wants to pinch the pinch." "We are to go the road of peaceful development, but will not take the cost of their own territory!"
User also said that China has long been known as the territory of awareness, "China's 17 also submitted information on the outer continental shelf the problem, including the East China Sea, such as' sensitive 'areas there is no evade," friends said that it is shown that the Chinese "It can not be so easily put out of the territory."
At the same time, some friends in our neighboring countries are worried about the frequent moves, many users are messages that the "territorial waters of China's current situation is grim, especially in the South China Sea." In this regard, many marine experts in the "Global Times" reporter said in an interview that the economic interests of some countries eager to become the "enclosure" of the motives, however, submission of national significance has been exaggerated obviously, would like to to carve up China on the Territorial Sea is impossible.
China's continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles to engage in research-Biao Li, chief scientist, said in an interview, Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf does not have the right, it is responsible for the validation of scientific data submitted by the coastal State (submission) with the "Convention on the Law of the Sea" provides that once the ownership of the waters there is a dispute, the Commission would not have considered. Institute of International Relations, Faculty of Law, Professor Wu also said that the demarcation can not be referred to as "the world's oceans will be divided again."

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