China's strategic nuclear retaliation can break through any missile defense system

China is a nuclear state, has a strategic nuclear strike capability, but because China pursues a nuclear strategy of active defense, therefore, China has a defensive nuclear strategy, limited efficacy and safety characteristics, which indicates that China's nuclear power solely for the purpose of self-defense and will not pose a threat to his country Moreover, far less than China's nuclear forces the United States, Russia, Britain, France and India and other nuclear powers. Now, the United States, Japan, India and other countries to actively develop a missile defense system, which will break the strategic balance in the Asia-Pacific region to China's national security be jeopardized.

The United States in the Asia-Pacific region, carrying out anti-missile systems will be incorporated into the United States, Japan missile defense system, and to help its military development and military deployment, has created further toward the Japanese military power, but also to the followers of Japanese militarism blatant fanaticism Station to the front desk, or even about the cabinet, thus a direct threat to the whole of Asia and China's national security. Japan and China in the East China Sea dispute, the ownership of the Diaoyu Islands in particular, if one day its missile defense system can effectively prevent the Chinese ballistic missile attack (the deployment of Japan's missile defense system missile defense is not effective, "Dongfeng -21"), In that case, Japan will become more blatant do not pay attention to China, in the East China Sea issue will become more arrogant and reckless, and even in China on the Taiwan issue will be the use of force to interfere in China's internal affairs.

Gratifying is that China's development achievements of the Second Artillery Corps, the U.S. anti-missile system is really the TMD to TMD. China has developed the outcome of multiple warheads capable of carrying long-range ballistic missiles, a process in the flight through the motor to avoid being intercepted, then by virtue of bait and other means of penetration of the missile hit the target strategy.

"No first use of nuclear weapons, are normally not aimed at any country, does not develop new nuclear weapons", which is China's recent Chinese defense white paper reveals the "three noes" of nuclear strategy, the "three noes" nuclear strategy is not to tie themselves up, more is definitely not Sophie Heart weak bones, just the opposite. Courage the implementation of China's "three noes" behind nuclear strategy, China has an effective "nuclear counterattacks" capability, that is not afraid of China's Second Artillery Corps came after the opponent, the development of China's nuclear force holds the latest technology, China have sufficient grasp of the strategic nuclear retaliation and the ability to break through any missile defense system. More explicit, said: China's "three no's" nuclear strategy is a peaceful and friendly, but also self-confident and powerful.

"Counter" the meaning of the word is even more shocking. First of all, the "back" means that the Chinese are not afraid of the enemy launched the first nuclear attack, is still capable of the attack after the implementation of nuclear retaliation. This shows that China's land-based silos hidden in the vast territory, well, very solid; or China's strategic missile in the road, rail on the motor, so that the enemy not to fight, but they can at any time after receiving the order to counter the enemy, More importantly, China's long-range strategic missiles crackdown has been fully protected. Taiwan is even more proud of China's new "business" class attack submarine and the "Jin"-class ballistic missile nuclear submarines, the latter with new "waves -2" submarine-launched ballistic missiles. The missile has a range of more than 8000 kilometers, can carry multiple warheads, was seen as a move towards the establishment of China's sea-based nuclear strike capability of the second important step. China's nuclear force is moving toward the ocean underwater mobility a key point, the possibility of China's future nuclear strike force restructuring, both cultivated land and sea, and more subtle strategy of mobile strike capability.

United States director of the Center for Strategic Studies, General Michael Mcdevitt said: "no doubt that China's nuclear strategy is defensive oriented, but in the implementation of the second attack in the review reported that there is no specific techniques to deal with the U.S. anti-missile systems to China's current the number of missiles and high-performance power of multi-warhead missiles, China can be submerged in any anti-missile systems, anti-missile system the United States exist in name only for China.

On China's defense capability, China does not have anti-ballistic missile defense system announced, but the author from China's anti-satellite missile test analysis, China's anti-ballistic missile defense system should have improved from previous reports is not actually intended to can be concluded that China has become the anti-ballistic missile defense system begun to take shape, I believe do not need time, China's anti-missile system will be the land of rising in the east, into the fighting ranks of the new century.

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Hello Kingback
Do you know anything about the latest theatre missile defence system being developed by China. I have read in some forums that it has 200km plus range and is under flight testing now.
Do you also know anything about the upgraded HQ-9B with improved capability against ballistic missiles which is being offered to Turkey?

Kingback. I am really interested in this subject but this is so poorly written it is unreadable. I'm guessing English is not your first language.

Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.