China's fourth-generation fighter being wind-tunnel test

Conducted wind-tunnel test model of the aircraft

Fighter plane in test

China's fourth-generation fighters introduced:

China has two fourth-generation fighter design.

The first triangle containing duck wing aerodynamic layout, the clear benefit of this design idea of the design idea in Russia, because this design is similar to the Russian Mikoyan MiG-144 design bureau of the fifth generation fighter-type, but the Russian was not 1.44 MiG fighters used the design ideas.

Another design of fourth-generation fighter program is comparable to the U.S. F-35 fighters, only slightly smaller form factor, if the success of this aircraft design, then no doubt the cost is lower than the Lockheed - Martin Corporation production F-35 fighter planes.

China is developing two fourth-generation fighter aircraft - the twin advanced stealth fighter, the project named as "J-13" and "J-14", the Project were undertaked by CAC and SAC.

By the end of 2003, a spread on the Internet wind tunnel model of fighter aircraft may be related to the project is closely related to F -13. Proof-of-concept model shows that aircraft with the United States F-22A stealth fighters have some similarities, such as built-in weapons and tank shells. The project is still in the proof-of-concept stage.

Apart from the "J-13" project, there is also competition in the Chinese company the fourth-generation fighter the Air Force procurement contract. The company successfully developed the J-10 fighter aircraft, the focus has shifted J-10 version of the double payment of large, the project was named "J-14".

"J-14" should be a high-performance heavy-duty air fighter, and its performance in Europe, "Typhoon" fighter and the French "gust" fighter on, but I'm afraid the same can not be placed on a par F-22A Raptor.

CAC:Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.
SAC:Shenyang Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.

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Hi Kingback

The J-14 is most interesting.

If it eventually has a high level of stealth it would be described as fifth generation. I'm fairly sure "fifth generations" is what the article intended.

The article seems realistic in its assessment that the F-22 cannot be matched. That would be a challenge for a piloted/pilotless aircraft/missile designed one generation after the J-14.

I am "guessing" you are from Beijing and show an early aptitude for aerospace matters ;)

In the interests of balance I'm also signing up as "Follower".



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all i see is a air-test dummy wich can or cant do anything with future chiese airfighter. so where are your pictures of J13 and J-14?