China's "blade" UAV test flight long-range today

Chart: 8357 Institute of R & D personnel are on the blade of the UAV ground station for debugging, can be seen on the map the location of unmanned aircraft.

Located in the city (Tianjin,China)by the Aerospace Science and Industry Group of Hospitals R & D of the 8357 Institute of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle "blade", today went to the first long-distance flight in Shandong. The plane in the highest degree of national intelligence unmanned aerial vehicles, 150 kilometers through the completion of the long voyage to further assessment when the flight operations of its reliability and stability.

According to the briefing, "blade" of the country with the most pocket-sized navigator automatically "ToPilot" and the ground station control system, all developed by 8357, reached the international advanced level. Through the low-temperature environment, such as testing the "blade", and in many military performance standards can be achieved in the control accuracy and reliability even higher than the international similar products. Prior to the maximum level flight speed of 250km / h, endurance time of three hours, "blade" has adopted their own take-off, landing and other basic performance test. This will be carried out according to plan up to three hours, as far as 150 km of flight operations, the full test of its performance. R & D personnel that if the tests all goes well, "blade" unmanned aerial vehicles will soon be the implementation of the first tasks, in the first aerial photographs.

Debugging of the R & D personnel, told reporters in the ground station control system, we can point to the flight routes, aircraft and other parameters set. At the same time, through the machine onto the wireless device installed with the computer connected, "ToPolit" high level of returns in time, speed, attitude and other flight data will be in the ground station control system accurately displayed. System configuration will allow two emergency handle R & D personnel in the take-off, landing and other emergency situations encountered by high winds, the manual manipulation of the UAV.

It is understood that as a result of low cost, low prices, exploration in the unknown valleys, marine search and rescue, pipeline inspections, marine pollution monitoring and many other human can not be reached or extremely dangerous areas, are "blades" in place of the real pilot show its mettle, to complete these high pollution, high-intensity, high-risk task a perfect opportunity.

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