The scholar said it's time to make a decision that whether China make the aircraft carrier

Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Xueping Wong said that the aircraft carrier are a nation's comprehensive strength performance, but also a National naval power requirements. China has vast coastal areas and territorial seas, the main direction of the sea to protect national security, safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial seas the territorial sea rights and interests of Chinese armed forces are sacred duties. General of the Chinese government will seriously study the factors to consider related issues.

In recent days, regarding the construction of Chinese aircraft carriers have not reported in the media, caused widespread concern both at home and abroad. Chinese senior military officers have been made to stand: Chinese should not never have a carrier. Chinese aircraft carrier for the construction of the significance of surrounding country will be how to react and so on, us on the 24th since the first online survey, the majority of Internet users believe that the Chinese built aircraft carrier of positive significance. At the same time, Beijing scholars have also pointed out that, should the construction of aircraft carriers, China has to have to make decisions.
By press time, the survey showed that Chinese should be made about the reasons for the aircraft carrier, the tendency of Internet users the most options are, "China has an aircraft carrier, the effect of the marine rights will be further strengthened", this option is near 40 percent voting rate. And "big country not only Chinese carrier, China's reasonable construction of the aircraft carrier", "has considerable military deterrent force development and peace go hand in hand" The voting rate for the two options were also almost three into.
The outcome of the vote, with the recent case of marine rights appear not without continuous relations, especially in the South China Sea are of particular concern to trigger a Chinese netizens. During this time, the South China Sea area "since the wind surge," the complexity of the situation can be described as unprecedented: President of the Philippines signed the territorial sea baseline bill will be part of the Huangyan Island and Nansha Islands into the territory of the Philippines; Malaysian Prime Minister Nansha projectile landing reef "declaration of sovereignty"; American warships to escort ships in the South China Sea for its intelligence, allegedly a U.S. research vessel will arrive in China next week, near the waters ... ...
User guestbook have said that some countries intensified, wantonly violating the sovereignty of the South China Sea operations, there is a need to strengthen marine Chinese military power, has its own aircraft carrier.
Scholars believe that China has undergone a transformation from the ocean into a modern country, the territorial sea and the protection of coastal resources, marine protection lifeline, overseas benefits the maintenance, of the potential deterrent international hostile forces, which formed a necessary aspect of a Chinese aircraft carrier at the core of the call for ocean-going navy.
In this regard, Renmin University of China Institute of International Relations, Professor Jin Canrong pointed out that the Chinese built aircraft carrier, there is such a need, but also have the ability now to have to make decisions.
He said that today's China as the world's third largest economy, regardless of economic strength or technological strength, have reached the basic needs of the construction of aircraft carrier. At the same time, China's interests more than national boundaries, maritime traffic and demonstrates the growing importance of safety, strengthen the protection of overseas interests, the urgent needs of maritime rights, which China has a need for a stronger carrier. Chinese warships to escort Somali waters, the largest fishery boat cruise to the South China Sea exclusive economic zone management actions to deal with at this stage are a manifestation of this demand.
He also pointed out that from a legal perspective, the construction of aircraft carriers are China's own rights, other country has the right to be concerned. Quite a number of Internet users in this survey also emphasized Guestbook "We Do not need a foreign-made aircraft carrier Recognition", even though neighboring countries have been further defined to China to build aircraft carriers will demonstrate a high degree of concern.
Japan's reaction is most sensitive. Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie at recently said that "China should not never have a carrier," the media has said that the Japanese government "effort" to develop countermeasures.
It should be noted that Japan has deployed "quasi-aircraft carrier." At present, the Constitution should not have the aircraft carrier in Japan on the 18th will be able to carry helicopters, destroyers, "Day to No." (13,900 dwt) were deployed. It is reported that Japan is currently under construction "on the 2nd to the day."
Experts have predicted that Japan might want to build at the acquiescence of the United States and China, the inventor of the aircraft carrier similar scale, many of us take part in the investigation of Internet users also tend to this point of view. However, Jin analysis pointed out that even though the US-Japan alliance exist, but, after all, the country experienced the war, at the "Japan-made aircraft carrier" on question, at this stage, I'm afraid the same could not walk that far.

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