The new government to repair the image of the United States National hawks increasingly lose power

Bush's 8 years, and its unilateral policy of reckless hawks of the United States power consumption seriously, seriously damaged the image of country. Obama to "change" under the banner of the White House, promised to repair the image of the United States, but people still doubt that if not because of the war in Iraq into a quagmire, if not because the financial crisis hit, will the U.S. government change its "hegemonic strategy"? Willthe hawks naturally disappear style搗? From Obama on China, Russia, Iran and other countries on the attitude of the past two months, hawks give the impression that the United States entered the impression of a low ebb. But many scholars believe that the United States, appointed from the Obama foreign policy team, the formation is "Since the most conservative since the Kennedy administration's foreign policy team." A Chinese expert properly this session than the characteristics of the U.S. government as a "hawk skin, doves heart." That there is certain is that, after all, the situation than people, and the current crisis, the conservatives have to the United States to seek cooperation in the world.

Hawks in the United States to enter the low

In March this year, some analysts believe that the hawks in the United States deliberately speculation the U.S. Navy to monitor ships and Chinese ships in the South China Sea, "stand-off" case, but also dished out the "Chinese Military Power Report," playing up "China threat" theory, but the action can hardly cover up the American Eagle gradually lose power and influence to send the truth. Hong Kong's "Economic Daily News," the analysts believe that after Obama took office, Secretary of State Hillary "focus on listening to more than confrontation," the United States military hawks increasingly lose power, because in the world media coverage, can not find any well-known hawkish remarks . In the case in the South China Sea, with the exception of the Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said, "We will continue this (monitoring) activities", only the United States Pacific Command before retiring at Keating suddenly tough message, saying that "China provocation. " Prior to this, relatively moderate Keating's attitude toward China.
According to Washington insiders know people who do analysis, American hawks are the most flourishing period of the early Bush administration in 2001, when four hawks Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, respectively, vice president, national defense Minister, Deputy Minister of Defense, on behalf of the United Nations. "9.11" the ever-changing situations, because the Iraq war hawks and the war on terror slowly lost at an important position in government.

Dick Cheney, etc. Although people are not serving the government, it is still customary to make hawkish remarks. Russia "newspaper opinion" issued March 15, entitled "Cheney's criticism of Obama to make the United States is facing a new terrorist threat" to the article. The article said that Obama came into office, the Bush administration to change the very "hawks" and the diplomatic confrontation color line, so that a comprehensive U.S. foreign policy shift. This has led opposition to the U.S. hawks. On behalf of one of hawkish former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in mid-March in a TV interview of President Obama to overturn Bush's anti-terrorism policy expressed strong dissatisfaction. Cheney said that this will result in not enough American security, they are faced with the threat of terrorist attacks. He also worried about the economic crisis Obama to expand the use of the functions of government.

"Reported that opinion," Bakiyev quoted the analysis of Russian analysts believe that even though Cheney's remarks sounded very far-fetched, but he hawks the United States reflects the actual ideas. The report also said that "9.11" before, Cheney, Rumsfeld and other hawks in the United States has been mainly dominated the Bush administration's security and defense policy. Hawks in the United States Congress, the business community, the media have a lot of supporters, a huge support network, in particular, the arms dealers who are more American hawks are the main background.

Obama Government "Paper hawks, doves heart"

Some analysts believe that foreign policy team Obama has emerged between factions. Vice-President from Biden, the Democratic Party, the Permanent Representative to the United Nations and the Secretary of State Susan Rice Hillary become one group, they think "the United States are unique in the world occupy the moral high ground of the country"; faction are also pragmatists, representative is the President for National Security Affairs Assistant Defense Secretary Robert Gates, such as Jones and the people from the Republican Party.

Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao," published March 17 article said that in the Obama foreign policy team of two people, the Clinton and Jones is the president's diplomacy, "Heng Ha will be two." Once served as commander of NATO forces and U.S. Marines commander Jones gentleman has, but as a soldier, he was sternly criticized Bush's Iraq policy failures.

Scholars in the United States, who is the hawks who are doves, and sometimes the boundaries are not obvious. Patrick Frey and scholars in recent days the United States at the right-wing conservative forces of the John Birch Society magazine, said the author, the traditional conservative forces have hope through the outgoing Bush, Obama cleared his neo-conservative forces, but that is not such as people want, Obama is not that people look forward to the messengers of peace, which is mainly embodied in three aspects:

The first is the appointment of government officials in areas such as the hawks still have very strong color. Representative of neo-conservative David Horowitz believes that since Obama set up the most conservative since the Kennedy administration's foreign policy team. Biden selection as vice-president that the Democratic Party to defend "freedom and democracy" and the global forces at Obama government will prevail. In 1999, the United Biden is McCain and Lieberman on sending ground troops to Yugoslavia, which is neo-conservative think-tank with the "New American Century" happens to coincide with the aspirations. Hillary is the Democratic Party and the most support for the representative use of force against Iraq.

Secondly, the main battle over the appointment of hawkish Clinton and former government officials and neo-conservatism are inextricably linked in important positions, such as the Persian Gulf and South-West Asia Service is responsible for the Special Assistant to Dennis Ross, as well as hawkish leader of the Democratic Party , Afghanistan and Pakistan affairs envoy Richard Holbrooke.

Third, a strong color of its main battle staff. Phillips, former CIA officials warned that Obama senior adviser Dennis Ross have been involved in a major neo-conservatives from the working group. The group issued a report urging the new government to take tough stance against Iran at any time to launch a military offensive against Iraq to do a good job of preparation. Ross has also actively advocated the use of force against Iraq. In addition, some people even consider the appointment of Jones as the president's national security adviser is also a bad sign. "American Conservative Defense Alliance" of many classes that Jones advocated an increase in military spending, to the NATO forces stationed in the West Bank that will bring about the disastrous consequences. The United States Inghirami independent journalist and writer said that in foreign policy, Obama will continue to follow the Bush line, that is, "promoting democracy and pursuing a strong interventionist."

"This session features Obama Government can hawk skin, heart doves to describe." Research Center of Fudan University, deputy director of the United States Professor Wu Xinbo think, is the United States Government officials seem to be very much hard-line hawks, but at in specific policies, but would not necessarily show the style of hawks. The current crisis, the United States and China hope to seek the cooperation of the world as a whole. Government structures in the first team, the President Obama to take into account the opposition parties will probably have him too weak to attack the policy of cooperation, it seems necessary to choose some tough people to important positions and the implementation of constructive and cooperative policy toward China. The United States "Time" magazine in December last year, has published an article that Obama "cabinet of hawks" have their table only. "New York Times" columnist David Brooks believes that Obama's diplomatic point of view closer to the current reality than Bush.

Wu Xinbo think, of course, does not mean that such features will not be a hawk on China to make some little problem, after all, the long run, the hawks in the United States must have the market, but also must have the political opportunity. For domestic political needs, they would still be in the human rights, Taiwan and Tibet issues, said some remarks, but certainly not mainstream. In this regard, in order to prevent interference with the hawks of the overall situation of Sino-US relations, the Chinese should go as far as possible, "top line", bypassing the more hawkish gather mid-level officials, and direct contact with the most senior officials.

The United States has been overbearing hawks

"Global Times" reporter has a number of hawks in the United States has been in contact, they get the impression that is overbearing. Known as "old conservative Congress" George Ivanovich are the Code of Ethics Committee and the Senate Homeland Security and Chairman of the Political Committee, he has repeatedly advocated in Congress with China, India and other countries to compete and have a lot of criticism of Chinese society questions. At a gathering on the reporter asked him why the United States sometimes unjustified attacks on Mr China, he replied: "We are defending our freedoms and values that Americans have a responsibility to bring happiness to the world ... ..." and then hastily turned elsewhere, with others, talk to the other questions.

At present, the hawkish U.S. policy that the main idea and some from the conservative think tank. The Reagan administration the United States mid-level officials of the Department of Defense, is responsible for the United States Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney have people in front of the reporter said: "The US-China relations will be how to develop? Frankly, is to move towards conflict. The United States policy toward China not enough hard-line, should be more alert. "

China policy, the rise of the hawks in the United States before and after 1995. At that time, subject to the impact of neo-conservative ideas, the political rise of the United States the so-called "foreign policy community", they claimed the "Blue Army", an objective assessment of those who ridiculed the people of Sino-US relations are at "to speak Chinese," and as "Red Army." This is because the United States at military exercises, on behalf of blue square (the U.S.), while the Red Army on behalf of the enemy. These "blue" but some think tank, the first circle of Friends Street, F Street in Washington, usually the "American Hotel" or a person's private residence in the meeting, discuss the country are, then, the team slowly grow, spread to the News , politics, lobbying circles. Between them using mass e-mail or private online forum for exchange of needed goods, and gradually formed a circle in Washington, asked tough "with China the value of consensus."

There is the main representative of these hawks, "Weekly Standard" editor-in-chief William Crystal, well-known columnist Robert Kagan, "Washington Times" Bill Gertz senior reporter, "The New York Times" columnist Rosen Tartu and the "Atlantic" magazine journalist Benjamin Schwartz et al. These people have a strong voice in China, but also has close ties with politicians, if a politician came to power, they will probably have to seek high. Such as the United States before the general election in 2008, Washington insiders have speculated that if McCain wins, Robert Kagan will be Secretary of State.

All kinds of hawks States

To bring other countries on the Internationally "hawks", has told Israel's Ariel Sharon and Palestinian hard-line recently, such as re-hawk Benjamin Netanyahu to form a cabinet. In Russia, the representative of Russia to NATO Rogozin has always been a result of internal affairs and diplomacy at the extreme position held by "komsomolets Moscow" and other media as a hawk, he advocates the Russian nationalist and fierce criticism of the United States is well-known, "are one people to own and without compromise known diplomat. " Russian Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov also be regarded as a hawk. The latter was also a tough and pragmatic, in the Russian won the "Patriot pragmatism" of the title.

Indian hard-liners to bring, people will naturally think of Vajpayee, Defense Minister George Fernandes of the time. Shortly after taking office, Fernandez, have spoken repeatedly about the "China threat theory" and led India's nuclear tests, but also a threat to "wipe from the map of Pakistan." In recent years, the Indian National Congress Party, "Three veteran North Korea," Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee at the current treatment often surrounding the relationship between the hard-line stance. But the whole, have been bred in India, this "non-violent non-cooperation" movement of the country, several hard-liners will eventually be returned to after a tough and pragmatic. Even if the fee's, but also in the delegation to visit China during the SARS, the Chinese feel the sincerity of the development of bilateral relations, attitudes toward China after returning up at a 180-degree turn.

In Japan there is also closer to the hawkish style of "hardliners" and, if more extreme nationalist sentiment, but also of the United States dare to say "no" to the current Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara. Japan's political arena in recent decades, there have been Kakuei Tanaka, Yasuhiro Nakasone and other "pragmatic hardliners," Junichiro Koizumi, has also this kind of "extreme hard-liners" and Taro Aso, this kind of "hardliners II" (from a political family, Although nurtured by the neo-conservative, but with some flexibility). JCC in Japan by the Japan Research Institute Chang-yan think, strictly speaking, Japan's post-war American hawks did not really, this is the post-war control of Japan by the United States, a major political and diplomatic decision-making must be the only lead the United States, mainly from the United States security commitment to the core of most politicians also have the context of the United States, and thus will be the United States has remained largely consistent with the political groups.

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