China issued "The United States Military Power Report 2009"

The United States' Military Power 2009

The United States Department of Defense announced March 25 by the year 2009, "Chinese Military Power Report." In this report a total of 78, including six chapters of part of the body. This is the United States since 2000, the ninth release, "Chinese Military Power Report," rendering the continuation of the so-called "China military threat theory" tone, caused by China's strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition. In that case, the United States armed forces are doing their own be? As the world's military power, the U.S. military expansion and global expansion is for all to see at all over the world.

"International Herald Tribune" pointed out that so far, the U.S. military is the world's only large-scale global implementation to delivery, and to stay away from home anywhere in the world to launch regional war. It has the world's largest nuclear arsenal, the largest military spending and defense industry, as well as having the most advanced military equipment. Since the end of the Cold War, the world's most powerful military in world politics is not broken plates and re-play its due role in stop-ping for, but continue to promote NATO's eastward expansion and consolidation of the Asia-Pacific military alliance, and vigorously anti-missile system construction cause global strategic imbalance in military power to promote their ideology and backed by the rules of the market, and in Iraq, the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, frequent use of forces, improper involvement in local affairs, and even interfere in the internal affairs. Some people in the world, the U.S. is their protector, while others, the U.S. military are war, blockade and aggression.

Defense Strategy: In order to force the U.S. to provide security to dominate the world

June 2008, the United States Department of Defense released a new version of the national defense strategy. The strategy report states that national defense strategy of the United States has 5 objectives: homeland defense, to win the long war (against terrorism refers to the current non-state actors, such as war), to enhance security, fear of conflict just won the National War (and probably refers to the sovereignty of National war). To this end measures should be taken of the strategy are: to shape the strategic choice of countries to prevent the adversary to obtain weapons of mass destruction, strengthen and expand the league to ensure that U.S. strategic access and freedom of movement, to strengthen the forces of integration.

Strategy in the new version of the report, with the exception of the United States to eliminate the threat of terrorism facing directly with some of the distant threat of missiles and nuclear weapons, the U.S. has repeatedly stressed that the strategic doctrine for the United States are in fact leading the world to provide force protection. Such as "shape the strategic choice of the major countries", "freedom of action to ensure that the United States," in fact mean deterrence through military means and strategies to make other big countries at the United States should not contend with the international community to action, so that the United States can do whatever they want.

To this end, the U.S. military to do everything possible to protect their status as the world's strongest. At July 25, 2008 release of "Army modernization strategy," the construction of direct indication of the purpose of the U.S. Army is "to ensure that American soldiers have the best possible under the conditions of the equipment, so that the world has become the most advantage of U.S. Army land-based forces , with all combat capability. "

Military spending from the United States, the development of military equipment, foreign operations, the global system of alliances with the military look, the U.S. military presence is one of the world, the global intervention, the full advantage of seeking to combat any anti-US forces, to contain any potential challenger, are designed to ensure that the United States at World Leaders 21st century.

Military upgrade: There is no opponent to make defenseless

The total strength of U.S. active-duty people to 1.43 million, coast guard and reserve personnel more than 90 million people. Chinese American population of less than one-fourth of the population, the strategic geographical location between East and West have a natural barrier Yang, the North and the South there is no land dispute, the size of its military power far beyond the needs of homeland defense. U.S. active main battle equipment on the battlefield often a generation ahead of rivals, and the formation of land, sea, air, space, electromagnetic system of joint operations. At the recent wars, the U.S. military in a one-way transparent combat battlefield environment to non-contact, non-symmetrical manner to reach the battlefield quickly win. Days at the U.S. military system, the air, and sea, the advantages of electromagnetic system, the small and medium-sized country in addition to the use of anti-US militants and close the suicide attack, attack on the use of complex terrain there is very little way outside of the U.S. military casualties.

Has absolute advantage in possession, the U.S. military continues to increase investment in the development of new weapons in order to always maintain the military leader.

The United States is currently at 18 strategic missile submarines in the allocation of the 432 submarine-launched ballistic missiles, land-based ICBMs in active service at the same time have a 550 (one of the "Minuteman" Ⅲ type 500, MX "Peacekeeper" type 50), 208 strategic bomber frame. These nuclear weapons and their means of delivery in terms of quantity, or accuracy, ability to break through the defense on all the world's most powerful, making the strategic balance in the United States has a dominant position. But still in 2002 the United States out of the "Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty", to develop anti-missile systems, and strive to set up a "I can only fight against the world, but people have not any ability to fight back," one of the strategic offensive and defensive systems.

In 2008, the United States conducted a total of 11 anti-ballistic missile flight tests, including the middle ground defense system 2 times 2 times the middle of the sea-based, sea-based, 3 times in the last paragraph, last paragraph of the 2nd High Altitude Area Defense, "Patriot 3" System 2 times.

February 21, 2008, the U.S. military the use of ship-borne anti-missile system "standard 3" missile to destroy an out-of-control "the United States 193" military satellites, once again a show of force to the world, showing its anti-missile, anti-satellite Super strength .

As of the end of 2008, the United States has been the deployment of 30 ground-based interceptor missile, the last paragraph of the 24 high-altitude interceptor missile area, 34 "standard 3" shells and sea-based interceptor missiles more than 600 "Patriot 3" missile interception. At the same time, the United States the development of boost phase missile defense system has achieved the results of airborne laser system and the kinetic energy interceptor the interceptor missile system test have made significant progress.

The field of conventional arms, the U.S. military has continued to develop the next generation of weapons. Have a supersonic cruise, stealth, over-the-horizon attack the capacity of the fourth-generation combat F-22 "Raptor" fighter has served to ensure that the United States in the next 40 years, the continued occupation of the world's sky. The East Asian region so far have no F-22 fighters of the fourth-generation performance in 2008 beginning from F-22 stationed in Guam, the implementation of the East Asian region to deter the deployment of a number of countries on the Asian continent to form a potential threat to the airspace.

At present, the U.S. military not only has the world's largest aircraft carrier fleet, and implementation of all nuclear power. Country is in the main owner and the maintenance of 12 conventionally-powered aircraft carrier at the time and effort, the United States has been more than ready "Nimitz" class aircraft carrier generation more advanced. U.S. military plans in the next 50 years in the construction of 11 one after another, "Ford" class aircraft carrier, so that the 21st century a century the United States marine has become, "Ford" world class aircraft carrier fleet.

At the same time, the U.S. military for a variety of battlefield land at man's future combat systems, and space warfare equipment in the R & D and update that the U.S. has no rival in the pursuit of so defenseless military standards, the formation of other countries an overwhelming threat.

Military expenditure, military trade: no one can and the "two peaks"

Over the years, the United States ranked first in the world in the defense budget. According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute statistics, in 2007 the United States military spending 546.8 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 40% of global military expenditure above.

Although the United States will be huge amounts of military spending through channels such as Congressional hearings made public, but the military, the military's covert support for free trade has never been included. Over the years, the United States maintained a huge military industrial complex in the world, hundred of military enterprises, occupy about half of the United States. The United States has maintained for many years the world's arms exports. Trade and income of these military forces is not directly transferred to the U.S. military, but U.S. support for the use of a large number of weapons production and research and development equipment. The development of new weapons, military units of production and operation of laboratory equipment, hundreds of thousands of military personnel to maintain all from here.

To some extent, the U.S. military enterprises for the provision of a "hidden financial support." The interests of business and military communities together to influence decision-making, tend to cause the United States to use force to resolve international issues and the war in the region of excessive use of arms and ammunition to show the performance of advanced weapons. The United States in 2008 decided to sell China Taiwan region "Patriot 3" missile defense system, "E-2T" early warning aircraft upgrade services, "Apache" helicopters, "Javelin" missile, submarine-launched "Harpoon" missiles and zero-plane 6 components, such as weapons and equipment, the total value of 6,463,000,000 U.S. dollars. Hidden behind the arms sales to the military and the military enterprises of common interest-driven. The United States military enterprises large and powerful army in close contact, give a huge threat to world peace.

The war on terror: a large number of innocent persons injured

Sovereign state in the same conventional military confrontation, the United States already has a great advantage. Since the "9.11" attack since the development of the situation shows that most of the United States are a threat to the terrorist attacks, as well as anti-US forces had weapons of mass destruction and other new security threats.

The United States in responding to complex non-traditional security issues, would be unwise to use the traditional method of warfare. In Iraq and Afghanistan, two wars are the most important job the U.S. military in recent years. Easy brutal battlefield action of local people help to solve the problem of anti-US, not only increased the U.S. military casualties, but also caused substantial civilian casualties.

Up to now, the U.S. war in Iraq a total of 4261 people were killed and up to 99,700 civilians were killed more than possible. In Afghanistan, the U.S. military's current 673 people have died, and the local statistics of civilian deaths has at least 8,000 people have. Are more lethal, the U.S. military in 2001 after launching the war in Afghanistan did not adequately here the post-war governance. Cause the rapid increase in opium production in Afghanistan. At present, the world's opium and heroin production has doubled over the previous war, there is one of about 90% from Afghanistan. Central Asia, the Middle East, Russia, near the regions and countries and thus increase the volume of drug consumption, a large number of innocent young victims.
At present, the U.S. military claimed that the situation in Iraq improved, ready for a speedy end to the occupation of Iraq, to focus our efforts on resolving the problem in Afghanistan. It was the reckless war, rushed troops now, is likely to leave the world are another source of chaos.

Seizing the world: national defense "against" the door to other countries

America's so-called "national defense" is one of the world war in fact. About 200 overseas bases and military facilities in support of the U.S. military garrison and combat the global system. The main combat units are stationed in six geographical "put together the world's pipe," the Combined Forces Command, as well as the corresponding Fleet 6. Fleet 2, respectively, is the first (Atlantic), 3 Fleet (East, South and North Pacific), 4 Fleet (Central and South American waters), 5 Fleet (Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, Red Sea), 6 Fleet (Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea) 7 Fleet (Western Pacific, Indian Ocean).

Global consumption of the garrison in the United States taxpayers substantial money in some countries give enormous military pressure to force the selection of their songs have to form an alliance intended to increase military spending and other measures reluctantly. U.S. troops also to the base of many of the problems caused by the host country. Since last year, U.S. nuclear submarines, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier at the overseas successive collision, fire and other accidents, the people brought to the country of nuclear-related leakage of the great panic. However, the U.S. military is still set up in 2008 and reconstruction of the African Command in charge of Latin America's first Sea Fleet 4. At present, the U.S. military tentacles have extended to the countries adjacent to the border and territorial waters.

Control of the world's leading strategic channel strategy in the region of U.S. troops but are extremely sensitive to the development of countries in the military, the armed forces of any country to go abroad to take part in international action to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the country they are suspicious, that this "could lead to regional military imbalance . " In fact the U.S. is really worried about the arbitrary and out of their territory and territorial waters of other countries of the "freedom of movement" have been blocked.

At present, the focus of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, trying to grasp the long-term monitoring in the hinterland of Eurasia, Russia, India and Pakistan have nuclear four countries, to the Persian Gulf, the Caucasus, Central Asia, such as strategic influence. In East Asia, Japan and South Korea at the United States maintains 77,000 years the garrison, the carrier can happen at any time into the sea, the most advanced fighters and submarines at any time near the big country of targets in depth. The forward deployment of the Eurasian continent and to contain the U.S. military in the relevant country in quick succession before a sword, watching the situation.

International contribution and military strength are extremely asymmetric

The United States owns the world's second number of the army, in the global strategic garrison. U.S. military strategy and that the maintenance of freedom and peace, and humanitarian assistance is one of the functions of the U.S. military. However, the U.S. military in international peacekeeping and humanitarian operations to play a minimal role.

10 As in 2008 at the end of the world in 46 local wars and armed conflicts, the total of 898 terrorist attacks since, in addition to many food crises, natural disasters need to question the international community for assistance. Ability to have a global strategy to deliver a powerful well-equipped troops, well-trained, should play a greater role. However, the reality is that in March 2008, according to United Nations peacekeeping force in the countries announced contributions, provided the United States at that time only 268 police, 16 observers and 13 peacekeeping troops. 29 people sent by the U.S. military at that time accounted for 88,862 United Nations peacekeeping force in the proportion of people are 0.0326%. And June 1, 2008 only the United States Department of Defense announced U.S. troops in Iraq up to 182,060 people on the whole of the United Nations peacekeeping force many times 2.

Even though the U.S. military faces in Iraq and Afghanistan military situation is grim, but the United States, unlike China, Russia and other countries facing complex as the land boundary with the surrounding countries do not have the potential of the territory, territorial waters of conflict. An objective need to take on the U.S. military presence and combat readiness of the local smaller mission. In 2008, the U.S. military in addition to the two wars, its strategic nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers to spend substantial resources to conduct a transoceanic cruise, only strategic nuclear submarines 31 times on the cruise, and its troops are under the jurisdiction of the global area of large-scale exercises and training. All of this shows that the U.S. military has sufficient strength and ability to perform the task of safeguarding national security mission outside, unfortunately, these forces have not been used in U.S. military respected humanitarian and peacekeeping operations go.

Height is narrowly partisan: Western values by force

Vocational emphasis of the U.S. military, non-intervention in political colors. But in fact the U.S. military in national defense strategy clearly want to defend democracy and freedom, against tyranny, dictatorship and extremism. Apart from the U.S. military's duty to defend the country and also to defend the United States allies and countries have similar views.

East Asian countries in the face of a dispute between the benefits, in addition to the United States based on "caring for small suppression big" checks and balances the interests of the guidelines, but also a large number of ideological considerations doping. China and its neighboring countries in the dispute over maritime rights and interests, as well as on the Taiwan issue, the U.S. military's tendency to reflect the interests of all political systems and ideological and cultural considerations.

U.S. long-term coastal existence, constantly updated to enhance military power, and the relevant country and regional affairs, to intervene, making inter-country consultation in East Asia sea, island dispute difficulties, the Chinese also hindered the implementation of the normal pace of national unity.

In Europe, the United States military influence in the framework of NATO's eastward expansion continued eastward, continuing to strengthen the construction of an antimissile system, exacerbated by some Eastern European countries and Russia's security collisions. Happened during the Olympic Games in 2008 the Russian-Georgian war, the United States of the region and relations between the great military policy.

In short, the United States military forces the United States interests and values are the defenders and the implementation of, the United States are allies in the protection of God, but did not give the world security in general. U.S. military to maintain a balance of military power is not really balanced, but to complete the side of the U.S.; the U.S. military action to ensure that freedom is not free to everyone, but only the U.S. military can do whatever they want; the U.S. military to achieve peace is not equal freedom prosperity, but the U.S. military firing range reconnaissance and the "order."

This is the U.S. military.

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