Japanese experts worry about the helicopter service triggered motherships Chinese hostility

March 17 ceremony on the service, including 17 women, including sailors boarded the "Day to the" No.

According to the French Aerospace Defense Net March 19, 2009, the Japanese helicopter aircraft carrier "to date" is March 17 in Yokosuka at the service, because of its light aircraft carrier and the extreme similarity and caused wide concern.
Introduction According to the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, "to date" is loaded with a displacement of 13,950 tons, 195 meters total length of the flight deck, the flight deck and hangar can accommodate 11 helicopters taking off and landing at the same time four SH-60K anti-submarine helicopters.
Even though Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Forces have repeatedly denied "to date" are No. 1 aircraft carrier, the vessel is not the same fighter aircraft such as offensive weapons. But the public attention to its still high.
"To date" on its equipped with advanced command, control and communications systems, it will serve as Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Forces of the nerve center of action, these actions involved in anti-submarine warfare at home and abroad, as well as a disaster, such as resistance operations, will be used to rescue overseas Japanese citizens.
In the "day to the" issue of 340 sailors, there are 17 women, one of two officers and 15 ordinary sailors - these female soldiers are from 1954 since the founding of the Japanese Self-Defense Force destroyer on active service at the first female . Their destroyers to reflect on the emergence of hope to expand women's Maritime Self-Defense Force troops at the influence to change the status of the wishes of staff shortages.
"To date" will replace the old No. 4950 tons Destroyer "Haruna" (Haruna) No.. A second aircraft, "to date"-class destroyer is expected to service in March 2011, will also be replaced with a "Haruna" is similar to the destroyers.
Even though "day to" make people feel its light aircraft carrier and there is a lot of similar, but the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force chief of staff Tuesday at a press briefing said, "I believe the aircraft carrier is to have a certain degree of offensive strength. Under this definition, 'Day to' No. frame from this point have less distance. "
The ship's service will enable Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Forces to stay away from the coastline at the local action, however, has experts worried that this would encourage some countries, such as Chinese hostility, rumors that China will build its own aircraft carrier.
Japan's pacifist constitution to deny in its circumstances and possession of offensive capabilities, but the Government explained that the peace constitution means that it has a lowest possible number of armed forces to carry out the necessary action in self-defense.

March 17 ceremony held in the delivery of the "day to" helicopter No. motherships, Japan known as the "air frigates."

March 17 ceremony held in the delivery of the "day to" helicopter No. motherships

"To date" is a displacement of 13,950 tons, can carry 11 helicopters, 30 for speed.

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