Chinese Warning: Nansha related to tug the country you will not be any good results!

Intensive at the Philippines called on senior officials at the same time, Liu Jianchao also closely liaising with the local Chinese and overseas Chinese. Earlier also reported the Chinese government because the situation in the Nansha hearsay evacuation from the Philippines, but Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang yesterday denial.
According to the Philippines, Chinese media reported that the March 17, at a meeting with representatives of the Philippine Institute Chiang Kai-shek, Liu Jianchao on the Nansha Islands and the Huangyan Island talking about China's stance on the issue of sovereignty, stressed that the islands and adjacent waters has always been part of Chinese territory. He said that in order to maintain friendly relations between China and the Philippines, the two countries can freely invest in the common development of the island's economy.
The same day, at the meeting the leaders of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry to China, Liu said he had just arrived in the Philippines 11 days, it had already had extensive contacts with the Philippine government and Chinese society. He praised the Chinese in the Philippines for the Philippines make a significant contribution to development has won the respect of the locals and enjoy a high social status.
At the Nansha issue, he said that if China and the Philippines, including the Nansha Islands, including questions related countries to continue to take you away for my attitude, I am afraid of what the parties will not have good results, it is better to join hands everybody, friendly cooperation and common development of this piece of islands and their waters.
While in the Chinese communities in the Philippines to attend to him at the banquet held in honor, Liu Jianchao, said in his speech pointed out that his current mission to the Philippines, shoulders four tasks: promote the strengthening of friendly relations between China and the Philippines for the Philippine social services, strengthening of Sino-Philippine trade relations and achieve peaceful reunification of the motherland. Liu Jianchao said today the Sino-Philippine relations have developed smoothly, in line with the interests of both countries, he looked forward to working with the Philippines continue to strengthen their cooperation through mutual communication to solve the problem. He said that after he takes office to the Philippines, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has submitted his credentials, met separately with Senate Speaker of the House, Minister for Foreign Affairs and other senior officials, both sides have expressed continued willingness to develop friendly relations and trust between the two countries relations will will be moving in a better development.
It is worth mentioning that the South China Sea dispute did not affect the normal economic and trade cooperation between China and the Philippines. Yesterday, China Wuyi Industrial Company Limited announced the successful Arini Philippines road construction project, involving capital 110,500,000 yuan. In March 16 Arini Receive Philippines Department of State made public township road projects Authority won the bid notice. The company won the bid to 110.5 million yuan Philippines made public township road development projects in three tenders Arini nine road construction project, a total length of 41.466 kilometers. The project by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Philippine government co-investment.

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