U.S. think tank claimed that the Chinese equipment in the aircraft carrier catapult 6 programs

With six of China's super-catapult carrier imagine Map

  May 4, the United States Arlington, Virginia, the International Assessment and Strategy Center, Senior Fellow, Richard Fischer, "Aviation Week" contains the text that the Chinese armed forces, the procurement of large amounts of armaments, making it land, sea and air power projection capabilities have been improved. The article said that China's development of power projection capabilities by controlling the main objectives of the Western Pacific, the protection of China's economic interests. However, China's move is also intended to deal with the United States naval forces in the region, and as countries such as Iran and Pakistan alliance.
The article said that the Pentagon submitted to Congress in 2009 "Report on China's military power", the U.S. Department of Defense pointed out that "China's economic development become increasingly dependent on international stability and lead to foreign markets and resources of the channel," and that China's "military started discussions with the civilian strategists in the protection of the armed forces and enhance the broader political and economic interests play a role. " The report on China's navy and the army in the use of sophisticated information technology and access to accurate weapons systems in the field of harvest, but also the expansion of China's conventional weapons systems were analyzed.
The article said that China's official and semi-official statements, military exercises and deployment, development and access to new means of power projection has been revealed this trend. At the end of 2004, President Hu Jintao said the Chinese People's Liberation Army "necessary for national security interests." In 2005, China's first invitation to Russia to the Shandong Peninsula to the name of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, jointly held a "peace mission" exercise. December 2006, China's National Defense White Paper said that the army should pay attention to the development of "cross-regional mobility," the Navy should be a strict "gradually increase the strategic depth coastal defense," the Air Force should seek a "strategic project" Capacity.
The article points out that "peace mission" part of military exercises to explain the meaning of these terms, see the People's Liberation Army is a small scale, but an unprecedented joint deployment capability. At present, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in August this year the joint military exercise held in China.
The article said that Navy Commander Wu Shengli in July 2007 in the core journals in the Chinese Communist Party "realistic" magazine said one of the Navy mission is to maintain "the security of maritime transport routes and energy strategy." Means China will be the majority of the Malacca Strait oil . December 2008, China will ship with a 052B and 052C air defense destroyers deployed in a support ship the waters the Gulf of Aden to protect merchant shipping. In April, one of the ships by a new air defense frigates to replace the 054A.
However, the article says, this is only a small naval deployment, China and the reason why the new port facilities in Burma, Chittagong, Bangladesh, and Pakistan's Gwadar port investment is likely to deploy warships in order to access the channel. In February 2009, by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Asia-Pacific deputy director of political Ye Hailin said that the Indian Ocean, is China's "sea of destiny", it is proposed through the establishment of Pakistan and Myanmar by land-based energy channels, to reduce dependence on the Malacca Strait. In March, China and Pakistan held a 10-day joint naval exercises.
The article said that Pakistan and Iran is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization "observers", if they become a full member of the organization, then the two countries and China will be able to hold more bilateral or multilateral joint military exercises.
The article maintains that in the next ten years, the Chinese naval activities in the Indian Ocean may be further strengthened, the scope of their activities and may even exceed the Indian Ocean. March 20, Defense Minister Liang Guanglie Hamada of Japan's defense minister said that "China's Navy ... ... also very weak, we need to develop an aircraft carrier." In fact, as early as the eighties in the last century, Liu Huaqing, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission as Commander of the Navy When such a development has already begun, he jokingly said: "If China does not build aircraft carriers, I wasted step."
The article said that, as far as Japan and Hong Kong media reported in January, the PLA and the Chinese shipbuilding officials said by 2020, the Navy may have made as many as four aircraft carriers, two of them for the conventionally-powered, two for the nuclear power . In addition, China in 2002, purchased from Ukraine, "Watt-liang Grid" aircraft carrier will also be refurbished, the Navy will use it to carry out relevant training.
Moreover, the article also pointed out that in April this year when a Chinese television in an interview with an expert program, one of the experts interviewed said that China may be the procurement of the aircraft carrier and "good-watt grid" similar to the construction of aircraft carrier structure. However, the program also shows another construction of a unique program. According to this construction program will be equipped with up to six aircraft carrier catapult aircraft. The article believes that China may be at a shipyard in Shanghai Changxing Island to build its aircraft carrier, and the establishment of its naval base on Hainan Island may become a base for aircraft carriers.
The article points out that China is also set up its air force aircraft. Carrier-based model of its candidates, including: an upgraded version of the Soviet Union the Russian warplanes -33, -11 F China-based aircraft carrier (which is sometimes referred to as F-fighters -13, -33 smaller than the Soviet Union, but there are stealth capability) -10 F, as well as carrier-based warplanes. It is reported from 2005 pointed out that China is developing carrier-based early warning system. Moreover, China's aircraft carrier and equipment may also UCAV. High L-15 trainer aircraft carrier is one of the candidate models. China's aircraft carrier may be other equipment designed for specific aircraft, such as Shenyang, "WarriorEagle" UAV.
The article said that the next 10 years, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy's amphibious warfare capability will be enhanced. By the end of 2006, China's first 20,000-ton ships dock landing ship Type 071 into the water: the deck of the vessel can carry a long-range military transport for the hovercraft. Following the 071-based dock landing ship into the water after, and may be the same size with the 081-type level deck amphibious landing ship (LHD). It is reported that the People's Liberation Army will initially build a 081-type 6 from amphibious ships and three 071-based dock landing ship of the fleet composition, this time with the fleet to thousands of soldiers and armored support. Marine Corps amphibious forces and the army are fitted out a new type of fast amphibious armored combat vehicles, these vehicles use spray pumps, to high-speed mobile in water.
The article said that the People's Liberation Army is also developing long-range force projection for a large transport aircraft and mechanized units. Although China has decided to Russia 32-34 procurement of the carrying capacity of 50 tons of aircraft IL -76, but the Beijing government is still in new ways to restructure its aircraft industry, to allow for heavy transport aircraft to modernize the R & D work. During this process, China has received from Russia and Ukraine, a large number of help - the Chinese side would like to An-70 military transport planes to carry out large-scale upgrade. In 2007, China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC-1) that the type of its intention to build a load weight of 60 tons, with the C-17 transport plane similar. However, the success of the project will depend on its ability to develop large-scale, high-bypass ratio turbofan engine (HighBypassTurbofan), which has been in the field of China's weaknesses.
If the budget continues to grow, to 20 years of this century, the Chinese People's Liberation Army will have to deploy an appropriate long-range naval and airborne capacity of the armed forces of mechanization. Although the Chinese People's Liberation Army might not be able large-scale projection, but still comparable with the United States lack the infrastructure, but long-range military forces, China will have access to considerable political influence.

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A twin-hull carrier of that size presents one of the biggest targets I have seen in a long time. It would not last 30 minutes in an engagement.

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Aircraft carriers don't "engage" the planes on them do.....

What are they worrying about? Their whole naval equipment is made of China! They will surely not last long on the sea.

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This is a story? Looks like work experience kids are in again!Fitness equipment,

If this ship ever engaged the US Navy at sea it will be the largest object on the ocean floor. I dont think China is dumb enough to build this huge target.

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