Very Sci-fi! Very Evil! F-35 Demon Helmet

China militaryF-35 is the world's first fighter to use a virtual head-mounted display, the display device mounted on the helmet can play projection screen directly on the pilot's mask.

F-35B BF-07 first test flight

This is the new helmet-mounted display system for the F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter. The helmet is designed to provide pilots with binocular-wide field-of-view, give night vision abilities and scare enemy pilots at first sight. It was used for the first time last April, making the F-35 the first combat plane without a cockpit-mounted heads-up display in a very long time.

F-35 Demon Helmet

F-35 polit's helmet looks very evil

F-35A AF-4 fighter

January 5, F-35B BF-5 completed the first vertical landing

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