People and government of the world all question intention of China's rise

China militaryU.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke recently returned to the United States, and he accepted the interview of U.S. National Public Radio (NPR). Turning to the impression of China, Locke said that China is a country with big difference; adding that China is a formidable competitor for the United States, China's development is intended to let the world worry about.

"China is a country with big difference."

U.S. National Public Radio reported on January 18, Obama has the strategic policy of the United States to make major adjustments, re-seeking the Asia-Pacific countries, "more attention." And this policy of "vanguard" is the U.S. Ambassador to Locke.

Locke said in an interview: "I think China is most concerned about efforts to improve people's living standards and quality of life. In contrast to its thousands of years of civilization, for centuries China in many ways the slow development of the Chinese themselves as leader of world civilization, made great contributions to human civilization, such as the invention of the compass, clock, printing, papermaking and the seismograph, so they think, act and even Western rulers of their own country in many ways so that the back , so they want to make up for lost time. "

Locke believes that to some extent this is the "pride was hurt" performance.

"In China, you can see the kind of incredible change in the Ambassador I do, I once common identity of citizens and government officials to China several times a year, then I was shocked at the changes here. 20 years ago, only 2.55 million rural population has become more than 500 million people, built the world's highest skyscraper of the city, "Locke said," China has an energy, a vitality. "

But Locke said that China is still a huge difference in the country. He said: "While hundreds of millions has become a part of the middle class, and eager to brand the United States, American-made movies, music, etc., but there are still hundreds of millions of people relying on the equivalent of $ 1 per day cost of living to survive in China south from the city only 1 mile (1.6 km) in rural areas, hundreds of people have no indoor toilets, and some just outside the pit, they still use the briquettes and the Chai Hesheng from the countryside to find the fire. "

"China is a formidable competitor for the United States."

When asked if they think China is more focus on domestic development rather than the rule in East Asia and the world intended to replace the United States and other problems, Locke said: "Obviously, China is a powerful rival the United States, its large trade and the economy rooted in the Pacific region, in fact all over the world and you see them from Africa, Latin America and the rest of Asia learn from natural resources. "

"So I think this concern is also doubtful. People around the world and the world governments have questioned China's intentions." Locke said.

Locke also said that the United States, clearly the short-term focus of China, but China's behavior cause for concern, including the South China Sea territorial disputes and economic policy. He said: "The Obama administration has made it clear several months ago that China should abide by international rules and the international trading system."

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