Hunting wild boar with dumdum bullet

China militaryShortly after New Year's Day, my friends and I go to a farm in Northern California to hunt wild boar, here hunting is legal as wild boar damage crops.

Over the past hunting rifle bullet has never been found in the prey, but this time I found warhead fragment in the wild boar's body when stripping it, the bullet entered from the left and out from the right, the hole is about the size of a cup mouth. A bone of its right front leg had shattered.

One of my friends used T3-type hunting rifle produced by TIKKA company, its caliber is 308 WINCHESTER (that is NATO military standard bullet), I re-installed bullet, 55gr warhead, HALLOW POINT (that is dumdum).

Bullet export under the wild boar's head 

My friend hands a type BROWNING BAR semi-automatic rifle, and I hand a type STEYR M, both 30-06 caliber (U.S. military standard bullet in World War I, II era) 

The warhead top View, bullet lead out

Warhead side view, white minced meat and bone

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