China's PLZ-45 armored self-propelled artillery system

China militaryAll steel welded body of the PLZ-45 weights 29 tons, and combat weight 33 tons, length 6.1 m (without barrel), width 3.2 meters, 2.6 meters high (not including air guns), is a medium body. It has a better protective effect on light weapons(AP 100 m 7.62 mm armor-piercing) and grenade fragments. Its maximum output power is 525 horsepower, maximum road speed of 56 km / h, maximum travel 450 km.

Chinese PLZ-45 armored self-propelled artillery in transit

In order to improve performance, Norinco made ​​various improvements for PLZ-45 armored self-propelled artillery system after 1995, including new fire control system (auto-discharge function of the column, optical sight, barrel automatic point functions, navigation functions and GPS receiver), fighting ready in 1 minute reaction time shortened shooting; gun muzzle velocity seat base installation of measuring equipment, to increase shooting accuracy; to use the new fire-control computer software; cancel the entry of large turret on the right (still retains the shore looking window) ; the installation of smoke emitter to increase the front side of the track skirt, and increase the engine air filter, and to increase the turret at the top of the air-conditioning systems.

PLZ-45 armored self-propelled artillery in transit

To enhance the operational efficiency of PLZ-45, North Industries Corporation has designed a complete planning system for buyers choose the artillery battalion, including its equipment ([] in preparation for the battalion number; the establishment of People's Liberation Army is a 45 self-propelled artillery battalion PLZ standard series equipment) :

PLZ45 self-propelled artillery vehicle three companies, each with six, count 18.
ZCY45 battalion command post / fire command vehicle 1.
ZCL45 command post vehicle with three companies, each with 1, count 3.
GCL45 forward observation / search with three vehicles, each with three. Count 9.
W653A engineering rescue vehicles 2.
702-D meteorological radar vehicle a measurement.
704-1 positioning radar vehicle a trajectory.
PCZ45 ammunition supply vehicle three companies, each with six, count 18.
CXJ45-1 car l vehicle mechanical maintenance: maintenance tools and equipment carrying. With a small boom.
CXJ45-2 mechanical maintenance vehicles a: containing a full set of maintenance tools and welding equipment.
CXD45 electromechanical maintenance vehicle 1: Responsible for stream repair, maintenance, testing various types of electronic equipment within the camp.
CXB45 preparation car one: responsible for carrying the relevant backup parts.

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