U.S. Media Have Speculates That China Has 200 J-11 Fighters

China militaryAccording to the U.S., "Strategy Page" Web site reported on December 2, a new air to air missile (PL-10, type PL 10  air to air missiles) appears on Chinese J-11B fighter aircraft. PL-10 looks like to be similar to the A-Darter missile of South Africa, which is a infrared tracking missile 89 kilograms (196 pounds) weight, up to 3 meters (9.3 feet) long; the missile in terms of strategy implementation has a good motor and reliability.

Chinese air force's J-11B fighter

It is reported, A-Darter missile had not yet put into use; However, its design goal is to achieve and the U.S. AIM-9X similar performance. A-Darter is a joint Brazil, South Africa developed. At present, PL-10 is already in use has not been determined. However, the issue of PL-10 has been described and discussed at least three years.

The article said that J-11 series aircraft in the Russian Su-27 fighter planes developed on the basis of. Now, the J-11A fighter is gradually wiped-11B fighters replaced. At present, the Chinese Air Force has at least two squadrons of J-11B fighter aircraft is in use. The initial J-11 fighter is put into use in 1998, but production was very limited, only produced 100.

Chinese officials on the performance of Russia's outdated electronic equipment is very disappointing, so China has put forward its own production. Since then, at least they produced a 100 which weighs 33 tons of J-11A fighter. This type of J-11 is used in China, more modern electronic devices, so it's more reliable; and can load weighing about 8 tons of air to air radar guided missiles and smart bombs. Although the J-11B fighter aircraft and J-11A fighter aircraft the same size and weight. However, the J-11B is equipped with more robust active phased array radar, which aircraft are designed to perform more excellent ground task; but it can also protect their air to air combat.

Data show that China currently about 200 J-11 series aircraft in service; In fact, about 40% Series J-11B fighter. This data source is from a different Air Force and Naval Air Station handed out cell phone pictures cell phone photos of these aircraft appear in the number of inference, then come to this data.

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