Top Ten Fighters of 2011: Two Chinese Fighter Aircrafts in the List

China militaryFirst, China J-20 fighter: explosively coming up

January 11, 2011, China's fifth-generation stealth fighter J-20 took maiden flight successfully, which lasted about 18 minutes. Once J-20 fighter was exposed in network, it set off a wave of global concern.
To December 15, 2011, J-20 has taken 62 test flight in less than a year's time.

Second, Russian T-50 fighter debut

January 29, 2010, Russian T-50 fighter take its maiden flight in Komsomolsk-on-Amur сity. Early March 2011 the second prototype aircraft took off. Ongoing throughout the complex ground and flight test work. T-50 fighter on August 17 ​​in Moscow suburb of Zhukovsky at the International Aerospace Show (MAKS-2011) debut.

Compared with previous generations of fighters, the future of front-line aviation aviation complex has some unique properties of both attack aircraft and fighter capabilities. Fifth-generation aircraft equipped with an integrated electronic flight functions of the new avionics, and advanced phased array radar. This greatly reduces the pilot workload, so the pilot can concentrate on tactical missions.

Third, the U.S. F-35 aircraft: Japan finally won a big Order

End of the year drew to a close, Japan's defense ministry has finally identified the Japanese Air Self Defense Force will initially introduced in the U.S. F-35 "Lightning II" as the next generation main fighter aircraft, to replace the existing fleet of F-4 fighters, and in the 2012 Budget which included in the acquisition of four aircraft, and ultimately Japan will buy about 40 of the F-35, to form two squadrons.

Fourth, the U.S. military UAV RQ-170: "Sentinel" wings tingling U.S.

December 4, a U.S. RQ-170 "sentinel" (also known as the "Kandahar monster"), unmanned aerial vehicle accident crashed in Iran, Iran has exhibited an almost complete U.S. drone in a time of public opinion outcry.

Then, the two sides of the war of words for this UAV for the last month of 2011 is full of dramatic color. Chen Hu, military experts believe that Iran shot down "Sentinel" unmanned aerial vehicles, the factor of safety would increase, at least in the short term, allowing Iran to obtain a relatively safe environment.

Fifth, J-15 carrier-based fighter of Chinese Navy

Global network correspondent Fan Chen made on November 30 reported: Russian media recently issued a document that sources recently disclosed that China's self-developed F-15 carrier-based fighter was completed in 2010 the first land in Yanliang flying leaps analog slide. In addition, coaches -9 "Eagle" trainer also completed the slide flying leaps, but its take-off accident during the insurance issue - Fortunately, the pilot sat in the back of rapid response, successfully avoided the accident. This is the first time the outside world to know F -15 carrier aircraft flying leaps in Yanliang complete slip.

Russian media said the sources said, is only -15 F to complete the slide flying leaps, and is then carried out a routine training flight. From the perspective of the Chinese Navy, flying F -15 with the ability to slip leaps that generic plan for the Su-33 has been successful. It is reported that the first batch of F tested at -15 Yanliang carrier aircraft are equipped with Russian AL-31F engine, while the second batch of Chinese-made WS10A installed engine. However, it is unclear whether China has already installed the F -15 WS10A engine flying leaps for a slide test. -15 F ongoing intensive flight test, the test will be expected to end around 2012. Taking into account the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier of the test situation, F-15 will be in full production to start a little later.

Sixth, the Russian Su-34 fighter: new painting "Flying Eggplant" new appearance

December 12, Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association produced this year for the Russian Air Force Su-34 frontline bombers, six in the four arrived from the city of Novosibirsk, Voronezh City Bar Quarter Moore airport, red numbered 01, 02,03,04. Recently, the remaining two will also transition to Voronezh. This marks the formal delivery of the Russian Air Force Su-34.

Seven, the U.S. F-22A fighter: Finally a "Raptor" line

December 13, 2011, Lockheed - Martin produced the last one off the assembly line F-22A Raptor fighter aircraft slid off the assembly plant. The aircraft tail number 09-4195, will be delivered in spring 2012, Elmendorf Air Force Base in the 3rd Fighter Wing. Thus, F-22A officially discontinued.

Eight, Japanese shinshin stealth fighter: fighters made difficult to give up on itself

Despite being buy advanced U.S. F-35 stealth fighter, but Japan did not give up domestic stealth fighter. It is reported that Japan's defense ministry headquarters and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries research "soon" will be codenamed "mind" of advanced technology demonstrator (ATD-X).

Japan's Air Self-Defense show, said: "This means that Japan's development of stealth aircraft without any problems, we will create a good fighter."

Nine, the Indian LCA aircraft: a high-profile national public display

January 26, 2011 is the 61st Republic Day of India, New Delhi, held a grand military parade and march celebration. In the parade, the Indian army made its first public display of the aircraft - the "brilliant" light fighter.

Ten, South Korea KFX fighter 

In the Seoul Air Show 2011, Samsung - Thales booth written on "next-generation aircraft display," the name, is a demonstration booth cabin.

Although some claim that this is KF-16 (Republic of Korea Air Force's F-16 fighter aircraft) fighter cockpit, but the cockpit display shows an extrovert with a canard and twin vertical tails of the aircraft, so some people think that this is South Korea themselves K-FX advanced fighter cockpit developed the concept.

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