Sukhoi Fighters Calendar Year 2012

China military: The Russian Sukhoi company launched a 2012 calendar year recently. Multi types of advanced aircraft developed and produced by the Sukhoi company appeared in the calendar, including: T-50, Su-30M2, Su-30MK2, Su-35S, Su-33, Su-27SM2, Su-27SM3. Including the latest T-50 fifth generation fighter takes up the most space, a total of three months.

Sukhoi Fighters Calendar Year 2012

T- 50 fighter

Su- 30M2 fighter

3 Prototype T-50

Su-30MK2 fighter

Russian Su-35 fighter

T-50, T50 fighter russia

Su-27SM fighter

Su-33 carrier aircraft

Sukhoi fighters Su-27SM2

Su-27SM3 fighter

Calendar Year 2012, Su-30M2 fighter

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