Kim Jong Il Dead, Kim Jong Il's "Military-First Politics"

China military"Military-first politics" is said by the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and put into practice in January 1995, in general it is the inheritance and development of Kim Il Sung, the Juche idea. "Military-first politics," the idea is to "military first" and "strengthen the national defense" as a national priority, simply put, is everything to military work first, all important military work.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il inspected the Korean People's Army

"Military-first politics," North Korea in the harsh post-Cold War international environment, the face of weak domestic economic growth, increasing international pressure to choose the case of a political leadership.

"Military-first politics" mainly includes four aspects: First, highlight the military in the highest social class position, the generals were placed workers, peasants, intellectuals, before the three classes. The second is the implementation of "military first" leadership to mobilize the whole society work means running the army. Third, the protection of military spending. Fourth, inspired by the dedication of the military people, and enhance national cohesion.

"Military-first politics" and suggested that North Korea's history has always attached importance with the construction of the national tradition of military strategy. Earlier under the guidance of political and ideological forces, the military involved in nearly all fields of socialist construction, the Korean army and people also realized in thought, attitude, life style exactly.

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