J -15 Carrier-based aircraft may simulate landing in the 3rd sea trial of China aircraft carrier

China militaryChina's first aircraft carrier Varyag converted from the carrier aircraft of former Soviet Union left Dalian Port towards the Yellow Sea for the nine-day of 3rd sea trial on December 21. During this period, J -15 carrier-based aircraft maybe simulate landing training on the aircraft carrier deck.

China's aircraft carrier Varyag sets sail for 3rd sea trial

The second sea trials of Chinese aircraft carrier were held from November 29 to December 11. According to sources, carried out here with J -15 carrier-based aircraft collaborative exercise, but because of the lack of block cable, not technically able to implement the deck landing training. Block design and production of cable is a very complex task, the Chinese failed from abroad, including Russia import block claim. Chinese official sources did not disclose the third sea trial of the specific task is. But military experts do not rule out, during the sea trial, J -15 fighter may be over the aircraft carrier deck, and flying very low, may touch the deck surface of the landing gear, landing simulation exercises.

Chinese J-15 aircraft carrier

China's first aircraft carrier was refitted based on former Soviet Union's aircraft carrier Varyag purchased as the price of scrap metal from Ukraine in 1998, The aircraft carrier had been planned to used as a testing and training base of the pilots of Chinese Navy carrier-based air force. According to some Chinese sources, the 300 meter long ship of all the crew and aircraft carrier-based aviation is expected to be fully serviced prior to August next year, after the official Chinese Navy equipment. China is also preparing to build several their own aircraft carriers the same type as Russian Navy's own Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

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