Chinese Navy Special Operations Group

China militaryChinese Navy Special Operations Group

The reconnaissance battalion under Chinese Navy bear the missions of reconnaissance and sabotage missions, belonging to the South China Sea Fleet of the Navy Marine Division.

The reconnaissance company based in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, and other forces of the Navy Marine Division station about 5 km apart.

Reconnaissance company from the headquarters and two rows (each row of 30 people), with a total strength of about 100 people. The even have an executable also made within the armed swimming task unit, the number of about 40.

The force of the troops are strictly selected from volunteers, and on the physical condition, psychological and educational level have strict requirements.

Mission: The main task of the Chinese navy special forces, including the use of optical, radio and photographic equipment on the coastline near the target, the enemy fleet stationed in the implementation of surveillance activities, to eliminate parking at the base of the surface ships and submarines, to destroy important water conservancy facilities , anti-landing defense of enemy reconnaissance, anti-landing in enemy defensive obstacles in the open channel or remove underwater obstacles on the coast near major transportation lines, military and industrial targets in the attack, destroy military and civilian communications systems.

Chinese Navy Special Operations Group

China Navy  pictures

Chinese Navy  pictures

China Navy   

Chinese Navy  Special Operations Group

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