U.S. Military's New Operational Concept Is Bombing Chinese Territory

China militaryTo counter China's growing military power and sophisticated weapons, the Pentagon said that U.S. has established a new agency to coordinate air and sea combat and Marine Corps together. This concept includes the active use of various types of manned and unmanned aircraft; suppress the PLA's growing air defense and air force, to reduce unnecessary injury to persons; and the use of strategic bombers attack targets remote areas of China.

12 years ago, NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia

The Pentagon is developing to deal with China's new military concept. The U.S. military said it is Washington's China's response to a series of threats, such as the development of anti-satellite weapons, cyber warfare weapons, nuclear submarines, the fifth-generation fighters (including the "stealth" technology), long-range ballistic missiles. China's military response to the enemy wants to use long-range ballistic carrier. According to U.S. military experts, ballistic missiles, the U.S. military in Asia, and the dominant position in most parts of Asia constitutes a real threat.

The Washington Times quoted a senior government official as saying the U.S. is reconsidering the way to deal with China, from now on will be "cold war" spirit of the action. U.S. experts say, which is obviously based on the concept of China and the U.S. Navy and the concept of similarity of the Soviet Union to judge. During the Cold War, the United States has troops around the world to take quick action to deter the Soviet Union.

United States of its navy, including the U.S. Marine Corps as a deterrent. But with the "Cold War" than the United States has made significant progress. In addition to improving the Air Force plans to use the naval base defense, but the concept also means to take action on Chinese territory.

Addition, the U.S. is also considering a plan to improve satellite safety, to avoid attacks by the Chinese and the destruction of the rocket. U.S. military planners hope to intercept the Chinese territory of China's anti-satellite missile, and, if necessary, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force to conduct joint operations to destroy the relevant target.

This concept also includes the active use of aircraft, including stealth fighter and attack range of 1,000 miles of UAVs. Taking into account China's growing air defense and air force, these methods will help to reduce unnecessary casualties. The concept also mentioned the need to develop new low-specification strategic bombers against targets remote areas of China.

In October, U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta said that in 2014, the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, Washington's attention will shift to strengthen the "Asian" military.

But the U.S. is only now beginning to deter China, will not be too late? In the United States focused on the Balkans and the Middle East, the Chinese dragon has emerged. Now the Chinese armed forces have entered a new phase of modernization, to stay away from the coast of China in regional activities, safeguard China's national interests in the Asia Pacific region, and this region of the United States has a very important significance.

China has developed nuclear submarine modernization program, 2020 to build aircraft carrier battle groups, China's coastal areas away from combat. However, the attention of Chinese leaders are now focused on three areas: to defend national interests in the Yellow Sea; recover Taiwan; the competitors out of the Nansha Islands.

In the first and last cases, control of resources is a priority issue. China's growing consumption of raw materials, energy and war than simply a "power" has more significance.

These are the United States the next few years will be areas of concern. By limiting the resources to limit the "Chinese Dragon" rise is feasible. United States must now take action to prevent the influence of China in Southeast Asia expansion. In these cases, the United States must strengthen the support of former allies, but also efforts to restore relations with Vietnam.

However, China will not quietly watching the United States to take action. Chinese armed forces were further modernized and strengthened the power of strategic forces, anti-American plan would have a negative impact. On the other hand, the United States build "East Asian NATO" future is uncertain. Many countries, the region's economic relations with China are very close, can not compete with the powerful Chinese. Vietnam and the United States between the followers of a problem, Chinese leaders skillfully use this.

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