U.S. Satellite Fixed On China Aircraft Carrier Sail, Which May Be In Trouble

Chinese military: The satellite images taken by U.S. Digital Earth in from July to September, 2011 showed that China's Varyag aircraft carrier might have had the problem, although they publicly claim to confidence.

People's Liberation Army Navy in 1998 purchased the former Varyag aircraft carrier after six years of renovation modified began its maiden voyage from the shipyard of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group on August 10.

Chinese aircraft carrier, Varyag  aircraft carrier

This aircraft carrier cruising in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea 4 days later, on August 13 to return to port. At that time, the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman said the carrier "to achieve the desired goal."

Digital Earth July 31, the company's image display, the ship before the "Varyag" aircraft is nearing completion in preparation for sea trials. Almost no repairs on the flight deck equipment, materials and personnel. Landing on the flight deck of the block mark the completion, dotted white circle appears to be fourth helicopter landing area.

Ski-jump take-off mark is not marked, and the three jet engines jet baffle has been raised. Although there is no installation of SS-N-19 anti-ship cruise missile vertical launcher, but it may have been covered up, the future use of domestically produced missile systems can be re-enabled. Before the "Varyag" was in front of the supply / training ship, "Xu" number (hull number 88), is the second week of July, arrived in Dalian, apparently came to support the carrier.

Digital Earth's August 23 image, in the ship before the "Varyag" aircraft completed its maiden flight back to Dalian 9 days after the shooting. This image shows the carrier stopped at the dry dock, which may imply that the carrier during the maiden flight encountered serious problems.

The situation within the dry dock, close to the port side aft, showing some of the problems may be related to the hull or the propulsion system. Point near the slip jump on the flight deck, the deck at the edge bevel block cable and also the situation. Rising jet baffle, takeoff and landing markers have been completed, but the helicopter landing zone marker is not yet complete.

Starboard side near the pier is not much the case, all the weapons systems are covered with tarpaulin.

Digital Earth September 23, the company captured images show a significant change. The non-slip surface is being torn off the flight deck, below the surface re-painted yellow zinc primer, indicating that the flight deck of 2005 dealing with problems with the original surface.

Digital Earth's October 7 image display, the PLA Navy and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group's staff half a month, the return to flight deck surface in progress. Ski-jump surface completion, and the surface of the deck landing angle seems to have color and texture contrast. Near the pier and the starboard side of the elevator landing part of the system layer coated with a primer flight deck, but not the seal.

In general, these images show that the PLA Navy and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group found that re-enable the carrier than they originally thought to be difficult, however, the size and complexity of such a project, this is not surprise.

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