US China war will be catastrophic, the U.S. must maintain military deterrence

Chinese military: A new research report published by the Rand Corporation said that in order to avoid direct military conflict with China, the United States should adopt a two-pronged strategy to strengthen China's neighbors and the defense on the one hand, on the other beneficial interests of both countries to invite China to participate in security cooperation.

Anti-aircraft missiles, Anti-ship missiles

The researchers said the United States in the event of military conflict, the consequences would be disastrous for both sides. Report examines the US-China conflict could lead to the six cases, involving North Korea, Taiwan, the network, the South China Sea, Japan and India. The researchers pointed out that as long as the United States continue to take appropriate measures to maintain military and deterrence, the United States in military conflict is unlikely.

Chinese Dongfeng 21 missiles

Report writer, senior fellow at the Rand Corporation James Dobbins said: "China if they wish, can be compared with the heyday of the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, more powerful opponent, but China is not seeking territorial expansion, or to neighboring countries to impose ideological control in China is not seeking comparisons with the United States military. "

U.S. AAV-7 amphibious tanks

Dobbins said: "The United States Army (the Korean issue) confrontation broke out (either intentionally or unintentionally) the possibility is high, and is likely to upgrade." On the other hand, if North Korea collapsed, the United States may also join a joint effort to stabilize the situation.

Gradually improved relations across the Taiwan Straits, but as long as both the fundamental differences between the status of Taiwan, the likelihood of conflict will not disappear. The authors believe that if the Taiwan Strait conflict, the United States will try to intimidate or prevent the Chinese occupation of Taiwan, reduce Taiwan's military, economic and social damage.

U.S. HIMARS rocket system

Chinese cyber warfare force has been demonstrated repeatedly penetrated the U.S. network to steal sensitive information, the United States did not retaliate. The researchers said the United States in the network war is not a "winner", the two economies will suffer substantial damage.

In addition, the United States may be due to the South China Sea, Japan and India, and conflict. The researchers said that with China to enhance strength, the United States to defend their own interests in East Asia will directly become more and more difficult. Defense and deterrence will increasingly rely on the strength of the local growth and upgrading of national deterrence.

Report, the United States and the conflict between the two countries will bring serious economic consequences. Therefore, the United States needs to maintain its economic strength, or more susceptible to this than the Chinese economic loss of deterrence.

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