FBC-1 Fighter Crash Pictures

China military: Sadly, the news was confirmed yesterday, the China International General Aviation Convention Executive Committee confirmed in Xi'an, Shaanxi, 14 in the morning air show crashed aircraft Pucheng missing pilot has died. Non-active military aircraft crash, is owned China Aviation Industry Group homes all flights in the aircraft industry, was invited to participate in showcase performances during training.

Eyewitness China FBC-1 fighter fall, rushed into the swamp hehind a village.

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FBC-1 fighter crash pictures

Flying too low

Cockpit pilot ejected too late

It is understood that, upon learning that the missing pilot killed yesterday after 11:05, to attend all General Aviation Forum Forum site personnel in silence for one minute. According to the China International General Aviation Convention Executive Committee to the relevant parties, when the crash from the ground is too low, rear extravehicular pilot ejection, parachute open, no major problems, is the hospital. Cockpit pilot confirmed dead.China military,Chinese military,Chinese fighter

Yesterday, "Why did not second the pilot parachute" has become one of the largest users to discuss the issue. According to the information, "Flying Leopard" cockpit of tandem double sealed cabin, installed 2 HTY-2C type "00" seat ejection seat instruction program, the ejection velocity range 0-1000 km / h, the ejection altitude range 0 -21 000 meters. Technical specifications in accordance with this design, the accident fully meet the safety design requirements, there should not be an open ejection seat, a matter not open.China military,Chinese military,Chinese fighter

In this regard, there are experts point out that because the aircraft before it crashed in the dive, it applies to changes in the scope of the safe ejection altitude, coupled with very low altitude, 200 meters, so there is no second chance to operate the pilot ejected. Experts explained that, because the aircraft have ejection sequence, the first pilot ejected first, followed by a second pilot, there is a time difference, combined with a high and low, there is no chance of the second pilot.China military,Chinese military,Chinese fighter

No debris

Aircraft may sink completely swamp

Yesterday the media correspondents sent back to the news that the crash site yesterday afternoon at a distance of 50 meters have special police guard. Take the scene of two military tents, on the spot next to the excavator, but did not work. Crash point is the water of the marshes, it is estimated the aircraft has been completely sink, do not see any debris. Allegedly, the road leading to the crash site is a soft dirt road, and the width is quite narrow, to be first out of the wreckage road. Allowed to take photographs at the scene, while outside the site of the incident can be seen in the ongoing air show.China military,Chinese military,Chinese fighter

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