Chinese Strategic Missile Force

Chinese military: Rail transport soldiers maybe are strange to us, but they are necessary for remote delivery and force trans-regional mobility. Recently, the reporter took a group of photos that reflect the training life of the rail transport soldiers of Chinese strategic missile force.

Security alert, Chinese strategic missile force

Plateau photo, China's strategic missile force

Martial boxing training, Rail transport soldiers of Chinese strategic missile force

Emergency starting, Chinese missiles 

Duty training on National Day,  China's strategic missile force

Technical explanation, Chinese missiles

Taking photo, Chinese Strategic Missile Force

Maintenance task, Chinese ballistic missile

Writing escort log, dongfeng 21 d missiles

Missile rail transport, df 21d chinese missile

Military Camp of rail transport soldiers, chinese missiles 

Chinese Strategic Missile
Chinese Strategic Missile force
chinese cruise missile
chinese ballistic missile
df 21d chinese missile
chinese missile aircraft carrier
chinese missile range
chinese missile could shift pacific power balance

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