China Is Determines To Subservient Vietnam Completely

China military:China and Vietnam, Jan. 15 issued a joint statement, the both sides agreed to take effective measures to expand and deepen bilateral friendly cooperation in various fields. The two sides had a frank exchange of views on maritime issues, stressing that through friendly consultations and negotiations to resolve disputes and maintain peace and stability in South China Sea, the political will and determination.

South China Sea scenery

During the visit, both leaders of the official opening of the more hot. Promote the establishment of two Department of Defense military direct telephone, timely carry out joint land border patrol pilot in the South China Sea on both sides to maintain calm and restraint and refrain from any actions or disputes would complicate or escalate the action! The two sides will steadily push forward the future estuary waters of the northern Gulf demarcation negotiations and actively discuss joint development of the waters. Actively promote the marine environment, marine scientific research, maritime search and rescue, oil and gas exploration and exploitation, disaster prevention and other areas.

During the summit in Vietnam, the South China Sea has been the focus of discussion between the two sides, and in Vietnam earlier this month President has publicly visited India during the visit to New Delhi, India and Vietnam, the South China Sea as a common discourse, the cooperation between the two countries in the South China Sea in-depth exchanges, and India and Vietnam signed the relevant exploitation of offshore oil and gas resources in the South China Sea agreement, discussions between the two countries will increase investment and development in the oil and gas fields, and gradually open interfere in the affairs of India, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has repeatedly issued a statement strongly dissatisfied with the South China Sea issue in India to intervene and issue a warning to India many times, but India despite China's strong warnings, insisted on the involvement of the South China Sea dispute, and India more oil contracts that also marks the public in India South China Sea and China break!

Vietnam Navy

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam visit, meeting with Chinese leaders in the South China Sea, Vietnam and India signed an oil agreement between the two countries has become the focus of the negotiations, and according to Chinese media display signals are transmitted, the performance of Vietnam to China a positive signal, agreed upon between India and Vietnam in the disputed South China Sea region cooperation in energy exploration project contract may be terminated or replaced. The Chinese government also passed an under 16 party newspaper of the Chinese media, editorial, interfere in this issue of China in India also increased the pressure on New Delhi intensity. This editorial pointed out, India is holding its own energy security risk. And under the "People's Daily" "China Energy Report" is written: "Because of the unknown sea of ​​oil and a challenge not only the behavior of emerging powers will lead to the devastating Indian Oil setbacks, and likely to make India as a whole Energy security has been destroyed, and blocking its economic development. "

India's desire to openly interfere in this issue is very clear, I concluded there should be four main reasons: Firstly, for the South China Sea oil and gas resources. Second: the joint in the South China Sea territorial disputes with China, the country together against China, and to provoke a conflict between China and neighboring countries, his boon. Third: the impact of the expansion in India, Vietnam or the Malacca garrison, if necessary, block the Strait of Malacca, the threat of China's maritime lifeline. Fourth: to open up the third war, a threat to the southeast coast of China, Sino-Indian border to break the military balance! But Vietnam seems to have Fangchuhualai, will terminate with India in the South China Sea oil agreement signed, once the South China Sea in Vietnam to terminate cooperation with India, India in all the South China Sea will be the blueprint seems to abortion!

U.S. warned Vietnam: China determined to recapture the South China Sea sovereignty as long as it is easy

The world's largest oil company in two - the United States, ExxonMobil and UK's BP, seems ready to ignore China's objection. Beijing has confirmed that the company had asked Exxon to take quiet rare in Vietnam, the Vietnamese state-owned oil companies with a common coastal oil exploration plans.

It is clear that is forced to issue a similar warning in Beijing, BP last year halted a territorial dispute on the grounds of southern Vietnam sea exploration program.

But on July 22 last year, that is, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Beijing opposes any \ "violate China's sovereignty over the South China Sea, sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the conduct \" the same day, BP's spokesman in London Reporters said the company's partners in China, Vietnam's state oil company has made the disputed re-start exploration blocks. The block is located in Vietnam and the Spratly Islands (Nansha Islands eleven wood newspaper I note), between about 370 km offshore.

China, Taiwan and Vietnam claim the entire Spratly Islands and adjacent waters sovereignty over Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei are from their respective claims to the nearest coast of the islands sovereignty.

In addition to all of the above outside Brunei countries have troops in disputed area. Have occurred over the last several decades of armed conflict and confrontation, which occurred in several major showdown between China and Vietnam.

However, the South China Sea disputes in the framework of ASEAN has been very successful control. However, the potential to temporarily shelved territorial conflict is becoming increasingly difficult, as the region's increasing demand for oil and gas, new technology also provides farther from the coast and in the deeper parts of the sea bed offshore oil field found in the means. Recently a large area of ​​the South China Sea are the most advanced offshore drilling platform capability and range.

And nineties of last century, the Chinese military may now be sufficient to defeat regional rivals, and thus win the South China Sea sovereignty, as long as China is determined to do so.

However, China's international reputation, the stability of Southeast Asia and maritime center region the relationship between China and ASEAN will have to pay what price?

Beijing probably will reaffirm sovereignty over the South China Sea after the initiative back. Although China is currently building its own deep-sea drilling platform, but the first such platform to be completed until 2011.

Beijing has publicly stated that there is more inclined to engage in the disputed waters of the common energy development, but also in the East China Sea with Japan last month to reach such an agreement. But in a place like the South China Sea countries and regions such a claim sovereignty over the area to reach a workable agreement, much more difficult.

At the same time, as China's onshore oil and gas production can not meet surging demand, China's domestic demands sovereign in its claim to oil and gas development offshore area the pressure is constantly large.

How to unlock the South China Sea, China, "knot"?

In fact, the South China Sea issue in itself is not complicated, the problem is that China's current situation restricts its South China Sea can take effective measures.

First, former Philippine President Fidel Ramos issued in the South China Sea issue, "the South China Sea tensions will be further upgraded" inappropriate remarks.

Then, Philippine President Corazon Aquino III and Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda with a meeting, focusing on the South China Sea. Said the two countries, in view of the "China tried to expand the maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea", the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force and Philippine Navy will be strengthened by means of regular consultations maritime security cooperation.

The two sides also issued a joint statement saying that he would further strengthen the strategic partnership. Analysts generally believe that the Philippines is formation of the South China Sea in La Union, Japan, fight against China.

For the Philippines in the South China Sea on the move by China's domestic media is extremely concerned. China's official newspaper of the country's most famous "Global Times" on September 29 on the front page with eye-catching title for the Philippines to visit Japan, South China Sea issue on the move published a detailed report.

The paper also planning a special "" South China Sea dilemma ": play or not play? , "Published in China focused on the different views of scholars on this issue. From the current situation, the experts point of view focused on the following two points: First, firm can not play, to "boil" down; two, now is the best time to use force.

Hold the first view of the experts believe, first of all, the war in the settlement of international disputes in the modern role of greatly reduced, to launch a war to resolve the dispute would be wasted. The experts also highlighted the U.S. war in Iraq, Afghanistan war evidence.

Second, the diplomacy to solve the problem in the South China Sea also play a role in space, a political solution has not yet closed the door, therefore, should not now resort to force.

Third, China's current and future period of time the most important task is to develop this end, China must create a relatively relaxed external environment to ensure economic and social development steadily. In this case, the war's unpredictable consequences will be severe impact on domestic development.

Finally, the U.S. has been the rise of the Asian countries of China's concerns, the formation of "Asian version of NATO", containment of China. If war broke out between China and its neighbors, just in the U.S. trap, will greatly worsen China's external environment.

Hold the second view of the experts believe, first of all, the South China Sea around the country are stepping up arms expansion, the ongoing war in the South China Sea is the accumulation of potential energy, small-scale war is the best way to release the potential of war. Play a few small battles, big battles could be avoided.

Secondly, the Chinese oil and gas wells in the South China Sea is not, therefore, to fight the South China Sea, China is not the biggest losses.

Again, the United States now is facing internal and external situation, unable to open a second front in the South China Sea, therefore, do not worry about China large-scale U.S. military intervention the South China Sea conflict.

Finally, China is now waging war in the South China Sea, there are legitimate reasons, legitimacy, therefore, should seize the opportunity to start.

There is no third solution?

In fact, the South China Sea issue in itself is not complicated, the problem is that China's current situation restricted their

South China Sea can take effective measures. Chinese decision-makers to consider not only the currently playing or not playing in the South China Sea issue, and more importantly, China's future development strategy will not change because of the problems.

China recently released defense white paper on China's peaceful rise to a detailed analysis, its purpose is to the outside world that China will not be because of his strong force of foreign invasion or conflict, the rise of China will be different from Western capitalist countries war rise of the road, but with Chinese characteristics, take the road of peaceful rise.

In this context, the South China Sea certainly is not fight. Otherwise, you say one thing, they will certainly do make their own set of carefully selected a dead end road of peaceful rise. Thus, the future development strategy would not have to re-adjust? The development strategy for the future to adjust how much of a risk in turn ah!

It really the South China Sea into a "dead end", destined to be eradicated? I do not think so, to solve the South China Sea is a systematic project, the author of this only made some of their own views.

First, China must be the outside world that China's peaceful rise does not mean unprincipled peace, tolerance of peace. Peace and war must understand the dialectical relationship. The key is not just war is, if China's territorial integrity was the threat of war, the Chinese do not resort to force to resolve it? In the South China Sea issue, China must show that China's attitude, so that relevant countries to know China's bottom line.

Secondly, the bottom line in that attitude at the same time, active in the South China Sea, China's military expansion. Only in the case of military advantage, the South China Sea will control the controllable range. Meanwhile, China should strengthen the administrative jurisdiction of the South China Sea islands, set up administrative jurisdictions, subject to the jurisdiction of the Central directly.

Once again, reiterated that China's political willingness to solve the South China Sea issue, and actively with relevant countries to expand the mechanisms for dialogue, to promote the related demarcation exercise. China proposed the demarcation work in the general principles and overall objectives, for example, China has always advocated the principle of mutual understanding and demarcation, setting short-term tasks, and actively promote Chinese enterprises to participate actively promote the development of the South China Sea oil field, to create a stakeholder body.

Finally, China should try to play down the conflict in the South China Sea colors, enhancing trust and work to enhance the intensity. For example, the Chinese military in the South China Sea can be related to the armed forces of countries like club activities.

Chinese enterprises and local enterprises can carry out similar activities and staff. Concerns for freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, China's situation can also be the official to the outside world that China will not hinder the freedom of navigation in the attitude of the South China Sea.

For the involvement of external forces, the Chinese simply do not want to show their attitude to the outside world to intervene. And most importantly, the relevant countries to control their domestic development of nationalism, nationalism should not be so tied up with foreign policy, or even the dominant foreign policy.

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