China In Future Maybe Equip Mi- 17v5 Helicopters Instead Of Blackhawk Helicopters

China militaryU.S. President Barack Obama government recently notified Congress for a plan to relax for some types of military equipment export controls, including the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, C-130 transport aircrafts, and even F-16 fighter. If the plan was successfully implemented, China that has purchased the American S-70 helicopters is expected to benefit from it and may get some much-needed accessories.

Blackhawk helicopter Chinese Army Aviation equipped

Obama administration to begin in August this year to relax the export controls of individual types of military reform. In this reform within the framework of dual-use products and ammunition have been included in the implementation of three large list of oversight mechanisms, tanks and armored vehicles to change the rules of the relevant export control report will soon be submitted to Congress for discussion, but also announced that it will be canceled strict export control list of military aircraft and helicopters. Although access to the list of most types of deregulation of product does not have real military significance, such as helicopter gunships, fighter weapons systems are still active as strict supervision of U.S. military equipment on the list, but U.S. lawmakers and experts still The Obama administration plans to relax the arms export control, said concern that less stringent monitoring may lead to some negative consequences, resulting in a number of related weapons may fall into the so-called "evil state" in the hands. Also worried that China's military might also benefit.

Mi- 17v5 helicopter Chinese Army Aviation equipped

Over the years China has asked the U.S. to relax arms export controls for China in the mid-1980s purchase of U.S. S-70 helicopter supply the necessary accessories. S-70 helicopter is manufactured in the 1970s, is the U.S. military UH-60 "Blackhawk" helicopters for civilian products. Former U.S. military attaches Wortzel said the Chinese armed forces often complain that the U.S. refusal to supply S-70 helicopter parts, claiming that they need to use the helicopter involved in humanitarian operations, to provide rescue assistance to the affected people. But Ze Woer that the Chinese armed forces in other areas to use S-70 helicopter, was also used in military exercises in the S-70 130 mm artillery air to simulate artillery fire.

Research on China's Fisher U.S. military experts believe that the Obama administration to relax the "Black Hawk" helicopter of the export restrictions is wrong. Now the White House should think about is not whether China should supply S-70 helicopter and C-130 transport aircraft parts, but how to further Eurocopter pressuring the latter to provide the latest Chinese military helicopter technology. Fisher also pointed out, S-70 helicopters and "Hummer" imitation of military off-road vehicles significantly increase the combat strength of China's special forces, to achieve the level of technical equipment and has a S-70 helicopter and the "Hummer" off-road Taiwan's equivalent of special forces vehicle level.

Currently, about China's military arsenal 20 S-70 transport helicopters. The mid-1980s, China's total purchases from the United States, Sikorsky helicopters, 24 aircraft of this type, also has more than 100 S-70 aircraft procurement priorities right. But the deterioration of Sino-US relations in 1989 after the U.S. refused to supply the additional S-70 helicopters, after the supply is no longer relevant parts. The first aircraft S-70 helicopter was delivered in 1985, when fitted out to the Chinese Air Force, Army Air Corps in 1987 with the transfer of China, so far at least three S-70 helicopter was damaged due to accident. Remaining life of the helicopter is about to end, the future may be imported from Russia m-17V5 helicopters instead.

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