London riots comparable to air raid in World War II, people taking pictures for fun

China Military: August 9, Enfield, north London, a Sony warehouse was set fire by rioters. Riots in London have lasted for many days, rioters wearing a hood and mask commited robbery and arson in more areas in London, a number of buildings and vehicles were burned. In addition, the riots also spread to three other major cities of Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool. Police said 334 people in London have been arrested and more than 20 of them initiated the proceedings, there are about 100 people were arrested in Birmingham.

August 9, Birmingham, local people took photographs for fun in front of the burning vehicle. This most serious riots for decades in Britain swept through several of London city. A group of masked youths lit the trash on the street, throwing bottles and bricks to the police; some young people armed with sticks and smashed the shop window glass, to the police attack. One witness said the scene of riots after the Second World War German bombing Hou Lundui comparable to some parts of the picture show.

August 9, Enfield, north London, a Sony warehouse was set fire by rioters

August 9, Birmingham, insurgents looting shops.

August 9, South East London Woolwich area, insurgents set fire to the store after the robbery.

August 9, Ealing, west of London, the windows of a coffee shop were smashed.

August 9, Clapham area of London, pedestrian looking at the damaged window.

August 9, the British police in London on the streets of suburban Peck Beckham duty. London police have deployed a large number of riot police and special police. Currently, London's Metropolitan Police have been deployed 10,000 police officers, making the maintenance of public order police officers in London increased from 6,000 before rising sharply to 1.6 million people.

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