Japanese newspaper editorial said that Chinese aircraft carrier is a "paper tiger"

China's Varyag aircraft carrier platform officially trialed, causing international concern. Although the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman made it clear that it will be used for scientific research and testing, but some foreign media has continued to release "China threat." Japanese "Asahi Shimbun" 17 editorial that the Chinese carrier, although currently still a "paper tiger", but neighboring countries should not relax their vigilance.

Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag sea trials pictures

"Asahi Shimbun," said China's first aircraft carrier to the success of trials, so that Chinese people cheer. History of aggression had been subjected to still let the Chinese people at heart, for this reason, the aircraft carrier as a powerful symbol of welcome by the Chinese people. But the carrier allows the neighboring countries, "pins and needles," the trials "mapping" the Chinese "threat."

The article said that China has the United States called the "paper tiger", the same, just completed sea trials of China's first aircraft carrier can also be seen as a "paper tiger." According to the article, worrying is not "Varyag", but in the future to the Chinese Navy carrier-based military movements. With China's economic development, to ensure that maritime interests and marine resources has become a goal of the Chinese Navy.

In rendering the "China threat of aircraft carrier" at the same time, "Asahi Shimbun," also called on neighboring countries' efforts to develop relations with China. The article said that Asian economies are rapidly developing, but the gap between rich and poor country can not be ignored, in some countries over the funds for the arms should be more used in social security and welfare. US-Japan alliance as the axis of the one hand, Asian countries need to coordinate, on the other hand it is necessary to cater to China as a "baseline", efforts to deepen relations with China.

Philippines, Chinese Foreign Ministry has also responded to the aircraft carrier trials. According to the "Philippine Daily Inquirer," 17 reported that the Philippine foreign ministry denied that the Chinese carrier 16 will lead to strained relations between the two countries, saying China will not use force to resolve differences.

The report quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Philip Hernandez as saying that although there is a dispute on the South China Sea, but relations between the Philippines is still close. Especially in the current world downturn in the economy, no country can afford to solve the problem through war. He said that the existence of a territorial dispute between the two countries, the Philippines will work towards a peaceful discussion.

Hernandez said the Philippines and China are 36 years of good relations with a close neighbor, said bilateral relations are committed to a new height. Philippines on the issue of the South China Sea dispute should pass laws, especially the "United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea" to solve. He stressed that the Philippines will continue its efforts to build friendly relations with China, and raised to new heights, Philippine President Corazon Aquino III will be the end of the visit stems from that.

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