J-10B fighters are equipped with new radar for continuous shape test

Recently, J-10B fighters were equipped with China-made Taihang engine and took multiple stereotypes continuous flight on an airport in Chengdu, some aviation enthusiasts said the J- 10B fighters had high degree of difficulty of maneuvering flight, the aircraft's performance is rather excellent. Before this, the J-10B fighter jets have been using Russian-made AL-31FN engine, if the engine supply problems, these fighters are easily controlled by others, Taihang engine equipped with the new J-10B flight test aircraft will complete shape, will greatly enhance our military the level of equipment, get rid of the heavy reliance on foreign air force.

J-10B fighter ready for test flight 

J-10B fighter finished test flight and  parachute landing  

J-10B fighter improved aerodynamic structure, through the installation of a new type of airborne fire control radar, a new generation of avionics equipment, and optical radar system, the installation of new electronic warfare devices, and equipped with a domestic Taihang engine, greatly improving the operational performance, its overall combat capability than US-made F-16C / D fighter aircraft and legal Mirage -2000-5.

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