Chinese aircraft carrier sea trials is only the beginning, the most critical thing is carrier-based fighter

In accordance with international practice, the aircraft carrier's first sea trials is in order to test its navigation Performance, the followings are many procedures, the aircraft carrier needs a rather long period of time for the service even the formation of combat.

Chinese aircraft carrier completed sea trials and returned

30-year Army, Air Force 50 years, 100 years the Navy. West of this point of view, is undoubtedly a testament to this.

Combat aircraft construction and the formation of the cycle is very long, because any kind of weapons and equipment compared to the aircraft carrier is much more complex, in addition to their large and complex aircraft, the fleet of surface ships, submarines, carrier-based aircraft is a large system. On the aircraft carrier itself, a prelude to trials with only a prelude to the formation of combat, from the formation of combat and combat what extent there is formed a certain distance. Therefore, we are excited for the aircraft carrier trials, we must also observe the subsequent trials were found to solve the problem of the effect. Trials is only a starting point.

Carrier trials generally include mooring tests, navigation and aviation test pilot.

Mooring berth on the test can be carried out mainly for the anchor and windlass test, life-saving test, mooring device test, the ramp test, the door window cover testing. How much content can be based on the actual situation.

Verify the quality of the main sail sailing trials, which trials are more harsh on the carrier's system-wide study is also the most comprehensive, but also an excellent opportunity to expose the problem. Former Soviet Union, "Moscow" was the trials in November 1966 to August 1967 were conducted three times during the exposed major problems. December 27, 1967, after delivery of the Navy, because they do not have the conditions of service, carrier return immediately for up to nine months of shipyard repairs in 1968, formally joined the Black Sea Fleet. Tests showed that sea conditions can only afford five, the less resistance to shear, eight sea conditions the maximum lateral inclination of 29 degrees. Trials, also found a number of design problems in the crew, the original plan of 370 people is not enough, 700 of the trials result, designers of shock, the deterioration of living conditions data to the ship, "dwelling" a very serious problem.

In addition, the "Moscow" was above the waterline with ammunition also a significant decline in the carrier's survival. These are precisely the history of the former Soviet shipbuilding most serious problem, prompting the emergence of more new generation aircraft carrier. Then there's "Kiev" class and "Kuznetsov" class aircraft carrier, combat capability, there have been greatly improved, "Kuznetsov" class "Ulyanovsk" sign, comprehensive combat capability has been close to the U.S. "Kitty Hawk" class large aircraft carrier.

Air carrier trials test is the most critical tests, including carrier-based aircraft carrier near the test, aircraft carrier landing simulation, test landing, takeoff carrier aircraft load testing and test, test in the former Soviet Union during the takeoff, Su-27K take-off, the jet plume deflector of the jet caused the explosion, for access to data provides an important reference, Su-27K 80 countries completed the acceptance flight, MiG-29K carrier landing trials completed 74 and 13 national test acceptance. Can be seen, a perfect landing landing from a real fight, there is a long distance. But no matter how long this cycle, the starting point is crucial, with the starting point, we can calculate the distance to reach the terminal.

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"Kuznetsov" class "Ulyanovsk" sign, comprehensive combat capability has been close to the U.S. "Kitty Hawk" class large aircraft carrier."

I'm sorry, but the Kuznetsov class was, and is no where near the capability of the Kitty Hawk class (which is already retired by the US). The Kitty Hawk could carry 90 aircraft (30-48 of which jad long range strike capabilities), had four catapaults, had three large elevators and a much larger hangar space and repair capability.

The air wing was MUCH stronger, which is the principle weapon of the aircraft carrier, and much more diverse. the AEW capability of the Hawkeye and the ECM capabilities of the AE-6 made those carriers and their airwing much much more pwoerful than anything the Kuznetsov class could carry.

The follow on to the Kuznetsov class was never built so its capability is moot.

The Kitty Hawk class were super carriers, and only lacked nuclear engines in terms of most of their capability when compared to the Nimitz class.

Now the US is two classes beyond the Kitty Hawk and producing the new Ford class, which will be a large step forward in overall carrier capabilities.

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