Coincidence or conspiracy? Kahn event immediately reversed as soon as the new IMF chief has just elected

Once upon a time, Strauss-Kahn, Former IMF chief is not only respected, but also the popular French presidential candidate, the most powerful competitors of current President Nicolas Sarkozy. In fact, for France in the state of economic hardship, Kahn is the most suitable leader, who not only understands the economy, but also knows how to cooperate with other countries. But the sudden sexual assault charge caused he lost IMF chief. The rather delicate thing is that precisely after the election of the new president, Kahn was released. It also deepened many people's understanding of the conspiracy theories.

Strauss-Kahn released on bail

Kahn emergent sexual assault case reversed because the prosecutor found that the plaintiff, 32-year-old hotel waitress from Guinea repeatedly lied in this case, and may be associated with drug dealers and money launderers. The investigators also found that the incident that day, this hotel waitress had called with a male in prison to discuss whether benefits from delating Kahn. It also makes people had doubts seem reasonable, that is, Kahn was either framed by the United States, or designed by the plaintiff and his associates. Now the doubt is in the back of the waitresses and their accomplices whether there are other forces in control, after all, relying solely on her personal power, it is difficult to operate such a big chess game.

Putin's words still ringing in our ears. At that time, Putin even behind Kahn, that he is a victim of conspiracy, which is due to Putin received a report provided by the Russian Federation received a National Security Service (FSB). It is said that FSB's report revealed: "Kahn was very anxious to the United States failed delivery timely 191.3 tons of gold to the International Monetary Fund, because someone of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was to provide him with the news that the United States has no gold. " Before arrest Kahn discovered All of gold reserves of Fort Knox, Northern Kentucky "disappeared", the rumor is that the U.S. leased to investment bank for speculation in gold.

During this time, Kahn became a man who know too much in Hollywood blockbuster. It is reported that Kahn "after knew this secret," "immediately arranged for New York to Paris flight fly", during the time French agents told Kahn do not carry mobile telephone, or the U.S. agents can be easily traced to his specific position by mobile phone, but Kahn has made ​​a major error that after boarding on the phone he connected the hotel by cell phone on plane, finally a Hollywood movie of "catching and releasing Cao Cao" so staged.

Moreover, Strauss Kahn lost IMF chief, the United States got dual benefits. Kahn during his tenure, pay special attention to the feelings of emerging economies, and commitment to reform, and that the reform is directed at the U.S. hegemony in the IMF (ie, a veto). In addition, Kahn also played an important role in EU debt crisis, his departure has a great influence for Europe's economic aid, which is also the root cause that a lot of people talking about the conspiracy of U.S. dollar killing Euro. Interestingly, in a few hours before the final vote on the IMF's Executive Board, the U.S. ever affected before suddenly decided to support Lagarde, help she be elected successfully, tantamount to sell Lagarde and Sarkozy a great gift, in a way to strengthen U.S. influence in the IMF.

But the U.S. has paid the price, one of which is the credibility of justice. It's confusing that the U.S. Justice had stated that Kahn guilty without trial, Kahn was bail only after he announced his resignation. political implications are very very strong. More gone with the anecdote is that U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner at the incident place could not wait and jump out to find Kahn guilty, asked Kahn to resign. This is not only suspected of interfering in the course of justice, and too obvious political purposes. In the United States, politicians rarely suspect (not to mention, or leaders of international organizations) and make such arbitrary judgments, unless they have any ulterior motives. Ultimately, Kahn event ended with a farce, but are worried the U.S. justice system and what the government has done. Chilling! Such a heavyweight was trifled with.

The most seriously injured is U.S. - France Relations. Kahn event is a great stimulus for French, not only Kahn's political fate may end, but also the United States didn't face France , so many French people feel very hurt. For a time, people seem to return to the state that United States and France attacked and distrusted each other at the beginning of Iraq war. Today, many French voters support Kahn return to politics. In other words, even if Kahn does not start from scratch, many voters consider supporting the Socialist Party candidate. However, the dividends Nicolas Sarkozy received from Kahn is likely the same as the high-risk "lift" of the support rate after Obama killed Osama- how up, then how down.

Another truth but not truth. Frame-up evidence may never be found, even an accidental bombing, but it is too precise! (By China military Report http://wuxinghongqi.blogspot.com/)

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