China's first aircraft carrier is facing the last difficulty before in service

China has been revealed the message of "China's aircraft carrier 7.1 sea trial,", although ultimately it was proved to be false, but it certainly is, the time that Varyag aircraft carrier sail to the sea has entered the countdown.Recently, Chinese naval 88 training ship parked next to Varyag aircrfaft carrier triggering speculation about the outside world. In fact, the arrival of 88 training ship, which exactly reflects the Chinese navy started to address Varyag aircrfaft carrier was commissioned before the end of a storm - a large warship personnel management.

Chinese aircraft carrier

As a large aircraft carrier ships, large numbers of people is a major feature. United States, "Nimitz" aircraft carrier's crew of 3,200 people, over 2,480 aviation personnel, a total of about 5680 people. Varyag aircraft carrier was in accordance with the original design, a crew of 1960 people, about 600 aviation personnel, a total of about 2600 people. Reportedly, Varyag aircraft carrier was the ship had 3,800 rooms, in such a complex space how to manage so many people, is to be resolved before the aircraft carrier at sea is an important issue.

Chinese navy a few years ago is still a lack of large vessels, the largest tonnage of the "modern" class destroyers, but 8,000 tons of people but for the 350. With 18,000 tons of "Kunlun Mountains" class amphibious ship into the water, the first time the Chinese navy has more than tons of large vessels, but also "large ships personnel management" as a new subject. "Kunlun Mountains" Captain Qiao Zhiqiang told the Xinhua News Agency reporters: "Kunlun Mountains" was the impact of the Chinese navy is a multi-faceted, such as about 4,000 tons of the destroyer, captain shouted a voice could be solved problem, and now such a big ship, no radios, walkie-talkies and other means to complete the internal exchange of information is simply not normal operation.

Can be seen, the Chinese navy destroyer jumped from the thousands of tons to 20,000 tons amphibious ships, then jumped to the 60,000-ton aircraft carrier, is bound to encounter further "management shock." More than 2,600 people concentrated in the 60,000-ton warship, to complete the high tension of combat operations, as well as a lot of fuel, supplies and ammunition management and distribution, including fighter jets, helicopters, logistics maintenance support, ship transfer of information within the process are also better than the destroyer more complex. In addition, amphibious ships and aircraft, and a large number of ordinary sailors inevitably different arms, such as marine, aviation operations personnel to live together, this is the past, Chinese warships do not have.

Lack of large warships the Chinese navy is very practical management experience, so many people focused on a warship on dry so much, how to solve this problem for the Chinese navy is a great challenge.

Some may believe that China's experience with managing a modern enterprise, certainly easy to solve the "large warships personnel management" problem, but only on paper. Modern enterprise management system of science itself is a strong focus on practice, and the aircraft carrier as the world's highest concentration of technology where there is no well-studied in detail, and first-hand experience of the actual operation and could not easily solve the problem.

Known as the "Sea Hotel," the 88-ship, and lots of cabin room. Varyag aircrfaft carrier was officially stationed in front of the crew, the transition in this flow. Chinese aircraft carrier's crew were in the ship conducted a series of 88 ships daily operational training, including fire damage control training, training, command and communications within the ship, especially the senior commander on the aircraft carrier, the more workers can accumulate large management experience, to discover a crew of "basic necessities" appears in the details, such as similar to "restaurant on the distribution of thousands of people" and so on. From this point, the 88-ship aircraft carrier to China very well the meaning of service.

However, the formation of China's first aircraft carrier combat, still need a large number of combat personnel took positions directly to practice, after a long period of experience in order to achieve the qualifying level. When the aircraft carrier at sea, just a question of form, not on behalf of the Chinese aircraft carrier into the true sign of the military.

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