China's Dongfeng-21D missiles is still far away from field

U.S. experts on China's military threat willfully advocate, or even hypothetical use in the East China by 2015 "Dongfeng -21D" anti-ship missiles sank the U.S. "Washington" aircraft carrier, made naval victory. In fact, compared with the U.S. Navy, China's naval power is much weaker, both in coastal or offshore, whether current or near future, are impossible to pose any serious challenge.

DF-21C ballistic missiles PLA Second Artillery Corps fielded 

Hypothetical Chinese naval missile sink U.S. aircraft carrier

Russian experts say American scholars hypothetical 2015 U.S. naval battle scenes are: the Japanese port of Yokosuka base for the docking of the U.S., "George - Washington" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, as usual in the East China Sea patrol, suddenly subject to "Dongfeng -21D" anti-ship ballistic missiles, warheads completely penetrate all the 14 deck breakdown. Carrier bottom bullet holes with a diameter of 6 meters. Ammunition immediately fire, explosion, over 440 tons of aviation fuel leak, more than 4,000 sailors and pilots were killed, 80 carrier-based aircraft vanished. Carrier was eventually swallowed by the waves, loss of 90 billion U.S. dollars, not to make up at least seven years. This war not only broke the balance of the Western Pacific forces, also declared a new era in international relations, then the world's dominant position is no longer part of the United States, and captured by the Chinese. This scenario is not fiction disaster novel plot, but the United States, "World Affairs Journal" published an article last year's sensational exposition, entitled "Battle in the United States in 2015, how lost to China." Author James - Kraska is not science fiction writer, university professor of international law but the U.S. Navy, Marine Policy Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution research fellow, a former U.S. military Joint Chiefs of strategic planning and policy bureaux marine policy adviser.

Russian media said Kraska not so frightened tens of thousands of Americans, the initiator of a similar topic. In recent years there has been a lot of people wrote the U.S. speculative-US naval situation, deliberately rendering the Chinese Navy anti-ship ballistic missiles, new weapons as the "aircraft carrier killer" threat. Perhaps, Kraska writing his masterpiece, the eyes are placed on the May 2009 issue of U.S. Navy magazine "Proceedings", cover to simulate the Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile attack U.S. aircraft carriers of the terrible scene, the two authors Andrew - Sven-Goran Eriksson and David - The Young in the text of the Chinese-made anti-ship missiles and the threat of U.S. Navy warships. They do not deny that "Dongfeng -21D" (Western code CSS-5 Mod-4) in the future of the U.S. Navy's potential hazards, but relatively more cautious, that China's missile development personnel in the future must also solve many problems, especially the new weapons fielded questions.

Soviet aircraft carrier was first developed to deal with anti-ship missile

Although the Chinese first invented the compass, gunpowder, paper and movable type, but not the first developed to destroy enemy ballistic missiles, surface combatants move the country. The first ballistic missile attack aircraft carrier battle groups to imagine that the country is the Soviet Union. 1962 CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers decided to develop and launch 4K10 (R-27) liquid D-5 submarine-launched ballistic missile system, after its developed based on identified suitable 4K18 (R-27K) anti-ship missile. With different prototypes, the two anti-ship missile boost phase size small, mainly used for trajectory correction, targeting, and directed by "Legend" Maritime satellite reconnaissance and targeting system (US-P and US-A satellites) and " success-U "aerial reconnaissance and targeting system (Figure-95RTS reconnaissance, card-25RTS helicopter) to protect the two systems. As the only enemy position the initial data is clearly insufficient to ensure their destruction, so R-27K is also equipped with missiles capable of receiving enemy passive radar signal receiving system. Was flying near the target, the missile as early as two outer atmosphere will start two engines by way of correction trajectory to ensure a smooth elimination of aircraft carriers and escort ships. R-27K missile power of the strong nuclear explosive warhead, a launch weight of 13.25 tons, 9 meters long, 1.5 meters in diameter, the maximum range of 900 kilometers. 1970 began testing a new anti-ship missiles, the training ground in the Kapustin Yar test carried out 20 times, 16 of them successful. December 1972, replaced by 605 (629A modified) K-102 diesel-electric submarine test No. 11 10 successful launches, the last being in 1975, the missile accurately hit the target vessels.

Russian experts say, Soviet, and not equipped with R-27K anti-ship ballistic missiles, eventually gave up this unique weapon, for many reasons, there are two main possible. First, the original plan of the assembly R-27K 667V ballistic missile submarine, in the shape and 667A, 667AU submarine did not make any difference. According to the 1972 US-Soviet strategic arms limitation treaty, these submarines are in the restricted list, the Soviet Union forced "reluctantly must sell"; the second is the human factor, the Soviet Navy Command realized that once equipped with R-27K missile, in fact, equal to the rejected plan to build large ocean-going fleet, because if the enemy submarine-launched ballistic missiles able to destroy aircraft carrier battle groups, then also do ocean-going fleet. More superior performance of R-33 anti-ship ballistic missile launch system D-13 development work is also immediately terminated.

Chinese missile threat to the United States rendering ulterior motives

Russian experts said that China "Dongfeng -21D" are being developed, aimed at Taiwan, Russia and India "Dongfeng -21A" and "wind-21C" medium-range solid-fuel propelled missile variants, the United States "Pershing 2 "and Soviet" pioneers "of the Chinese version of the missile range of 900 sea miles. There are no conditions on the missile test to reliable sources. It's over and over again will take a long time, China successfully tested has been no official confirmation. Therefore, the United States deliberately rendering the missile threat is clearly an ulterior motive, ulterior motives. U.S. military officials in the assessment of China's new weapons are two schools of opinion. Outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the "Dongfeng -21D" can undermine the freedom of the seas and undermine U.S. strategic strength; retired Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead, a little calmer, he said: "Although the DF-21 missile is a very interesting weapons, but Our aircraft capable of maneuvering, we have to fight against such weapons systems. "

Indeed, the U.S. Navy has been actively preparing for counter possible threats. As we all know, the United States in efforts to build global anti-missile system, the most important component of sea-based missile defense system. On 15 April this year, the U.S. military in conjunction with Lockheed Martin and other arms giants in the area of ​​Hawaii, "Standard -3 Block 1A" missile intercept test, launched from Kwajalein incoming ballistic missile is a forward-deployed in the Pacific Island AN/TPY-2 missile detection and tracking radar, missile flight data to obtain real-time transmission to the "O'Kane" destroyer, when the target into the carrier, "Aegis" combat command system perspective, the destroyer began to direct interception action, launching a "standard 3" interceptor missile successfully hit a simulated enemy targets medium-range ballistic missiles. It should be noted, AN/TPY-2 deploy anti-missile radar to the forefront not only on the island, but also easy on the ship. In other words, the U.S. Navy anti-missile weapons now have the ability to intercept anti-ship China has not yet successfully developed ballistic missiles. Moreover, the U.S. Navy will soon have a new interceptor missile, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency in April this year, and Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing signed a development of the "standard -3 Block 2B" interceptor missile contract. This new generation of missiles capable of destroying a maximum range of 12,000 km intercontinental ballistic missile, the missile can intercept before entry into the dense atmosphere. New missile troops should be in 2020, when the "Dongfeng -21D" debugging may not be the last end.

Russian experts point out that in 2015 China's "wind-21D" in the East China Sea, sinking the U.S. "Washington," the carrier is unlikely. U.S. aircraft carrier for China's future hypothetical threats to U.S. interests as such, without any real basis.

Carrier may not be able to ensure the safety of China's maritime lifeline

Russian media said that China's aircraft carrier Varyag was converted a heavy aircraft cruiser, this year will be trials. Be noted that the carrier has converted the Dalian Shipyard for 12 years in the future but also a lot of time to perfect. In addition, China also developed J -15 carrier-based fighters, despite its Russian-made Su-33 is similar, but in many ways, after all, have not yet reached the Su-33 level, must be modernized to improve and debug.

Russian experts said that China build a strategic positioning of a large aircraft carrier fleet is questionable, and there may be ambition more than rational thinking. China recognizes the need to protect the aircraft carrier to connect the Near East, Iran, Africa's sea lines of communication security, because China's rapid economic growth necessary for most of the oil and other resources from these areas. But these "floating airports" to ensure that lifeline really safe? If rational thinking, the answer is clearly no. Once the Indian Ocean because of the situation intensified, the Chinese carrier stopped on the road ahead will not only prompt a strong Navy and the Indian Navy. From China into the Indian Ocean must be the narrow Malacca Strait, Sunda Strait and other straits in Indonesia, but Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing may not be standing here, the Chinese in Southeast Asia will not welcome more Big Brother. Also a line from south China, and then turned to the West, but will face another stumbling block, namely Australia. In short, China is similar to New Zealand from Japan "unsinkable aircraft carrier" surrounded by the blockade, so betting on the aircraft carrier does not fully address the safety of sea lines of communication problems, even if the Chinese were able to send 15 aircraft, once the military action, will be enemy air force and anti-ship missiles easily coast to sink. Moreover, aircraft construction, maintenance and usage costs significantly, how much a bit more harm than good.

China's naval blockade aim breakthrough island chain

Russian experts believe that China has the U.S. aircraft carrier can exert psychological pressure on the United States and Taiwan to China more moderate political policies more carefully, especially in the United States is obviously not conducive to world economic conditions change, against the U.S. much ado about nothing. According to the International Monetary Fund recently published data in 2016 on China's economic indicators is expected to surpass the United States, which marked the end of the era. Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Applied Mathematics experts predict that by 2014 there could be more tragic events occur, more serious consequences may occur when the second wave of global economic crisis, the reason is still the United States and some of the financial bubble in the national economy, and the huge national debt. Once the debt crisis, the consequences more dire, it is not only a heavy blow to the United States, but also to a large population, natural resources in China suffer, causing China's domestic economic and social crisis, to induce China's foreign force, directed at the culprit United States. No wonder this year's March 10 hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee, U.S. National Intelligence Director Clapper stated that all countries in the world, China has a nuclear arsenal of the United States constitute the most serious threat to the most deadly.

Russian media said the two countries since the sea across the ocean, so the war is likely to start with the sea began. In contrast, the United States has an absolute advantage, we can see Kraska imaginary 2015 China-US naval victory of the article simply is not convincing. In 2010 he was imaginary events of 2015, though it was Gates' vision of the U.S. Navy 313 ships a large establishment has not been achieved, but the U.S. will have at least 11 aircraft carriers, 88 cruisers and destroyers, 48 ​​submarines, 55 Littoral Combat Ship, 31 landing craft. Even if only one every three warships to the fighting position to ensure the vote on the remaining two maintenance or repair, so that U.S. troops still deployed in the global sea about 100 ships at the same time, the strength is quite powerful.

Although China has been significant growth in naval power, but the last 10 years, still unable to break through the second island chain. 1995, China declared a naval strategy of active defense, not only to prevent sea invasion, is still developing the implementation of pre-emptive strikes on potential enemies the ability to determine three phases to achieve this strategy. The first stage should be to ensure a breakthrough to the Philippines from the Japanese Ryukyu Islands, the first island chain blockade, this task can now say that in fact has been completed; now in the second phase of the 2020 breakthrough in the Kuril Islands to New Guinea from the second island chain; the third stage in 2050 as a maritime country, to ensure that Chinese warships free access to any waters of the world's oceans.

Russian experts believe that China participated in the Indian Ocean naval escort mission against Somali pirates, absolutely can not prove that the threat of the Chinese fleet is expanding. Russia also sent warships to the Gulf of Aden frequent escort, did not see this case cause the United States the so-called recovery of any concerns about the Russian Navy.

China's naval power is not strong

Russian media said that China has no adequate number of ships to send troops to the ocean. Modern surface warships the Chinese navy, only 13 destroyers (a 051B type, type 2 051C, 2 052, 2 052B type, two Type 052C, 2 956E type 2 956EM-type) and 20 frigates ( 10 053H3-type, two 054-type, eight Type 054A). Seem to have an impression that China has not been established long ago required the Navy Command of the main types of surface warships, but in recent years began to equip 054-class escort. Now been fitted out in 10, four under construction, the first assembly 054B is also being modified. Seems 054 will be the main force of China's naval surface ships standard. Type 054A frigate full load displacement of 4053 tons, length 134 meters, 16 meters wide, the use of diesel gas turbines, the maximum speed of 30 knots, range 3800 sea miles. Weapons and equipment including 32 "red flag 16" medium-range air defense missile vertical launcher (Russia "no wind -1" air defense missile system of the Chinese version), 2 sets of quadruple C-803 "Eagle Strike -83" anti-ship missile device (weight 165 kg warhead, range 200 km), a 76 mm automatic cannon Universal (Russian-made AK-176 Chinese version), 2 730 30-mm short-range air defense artillery (to imitate the Dutch 'keeper' gun ), two 324 mm 3 "fish -7" torpedo launchers (to imitate the Western anti-submarine torpedo weapons), a card -29 or straight-9C helicopters. It is said, also equipped with eight HN-2 "Red Bird" cruise missile, used to attack coastal targets within 1800 km. It would appear, 054A-type multi-purpose frigates are combat units, can perform various tasks in modern naval warfare, the overall performance is not inferior to similar foreign products, in some ways even better than the opponent. But the Chinese Navy destroyer standard development path more difficult. The level of domestic and imported only 13 ships, there are three models seven kinds of modifications. Seems to have made the final choice, recently began construction 052D destroyers, it is the further development of type 052C, the main difference is the use of automated battle command systems, superstructure, looking around on the deployment of phased-array radar, to reproduce the U.S. "Arleigh Burke "class destroyer of the classic layout.

Russian experts believe that the Chinese Navy in nuclear submarines are obviously behind the United States. Now the Chinese navy combat formation has two 094 "Gem" class missile submarine, an aging no longer has the sea 092 "Summer" class nuclear submarine, 2 093, "Business" class multipurpose nuclear submarine, 3-4 091-type vessels are less than perfect "Han" class nuclear submarines. It is said that there are several ships submarines under construction, including 095,096,097 new products. But it should be noted that the Chinese nuclear submarines fitted out and grasp the extremely slow, and problems from time to time. In conventional submarines, the Chinese navy has 31 modern diesel-electric submarines, including 14 039/039G type "Song" class, five 041-type "element" class, 12 from Russia 877EKM/636/636M type. Chinese diesel-electric submarines superior performance, and perhaps still remember all the naval experts, October 26, 2006 China a "Song" class submarines quietly break antisubmarine area, from the U.S. "Kitty Hawk" only five nautical miles into the direct torpedo range of areas, demonstrating China's new diesel-electric submarines of the superior performance and high fighting qualities crew. China continues to perfect the construction of conventional submarines, the end of a new generation of diesel-electric submarine into the water, some experts believe that it uses the auxiliary power unit AIP, a vertical launcher, capable of launching missile attacks on targets at sea and ashore.

Russian media said the Chinese Navy surface ships and equipment is the largest number of missile boats, including the most advanced 022-type. In 1999, China and more from Australia's advanced hull design consulting company introduced a type of wave-piercing catamaran AND HSC technology, including AMD-150 type 25 meters long, speed 31, AMD-183 type, 30 meters long, speed 29. China first built according to the relevant technology, "Eagle" No. "Snapshots" yacht, after a comprehensive test, developed on its basis a 022-type missile boats, 43 meters long, a displacement of 220 tons, maximum speed 36. It is widely used in stealth technology, the assembly of eight C-802 anti-ship missiles with a range of 120 kilometers, can also be changed into several pieces, "Red Bird" cruise missiles to attack targets ashore. 022-type missile mass production since 2004, China's Navy has fielded an unknown quantity, there is news that close to 50, there is news that more than 80. In short, the scale is not small, and continues to build.

Russian experts say, the Chinese Navy shore-based air condition is not particularly desirable, in the hundreds of aircraft in only 24 Su-30MK2 multi-role fighter to meet modern requirements. In short, with the U.S. Navy, the Chinese fleet is very weak. If we exclude the nuclear forces at sea, the Chinese navy and even far less than the equilibrium configuration, well-equipped Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, only close to the overall strength of the South Korean navy on the level. In other words, both now and in the near future, whether in coastal or ocean, the Chinese navy will not pose any serious challenge to the U.S. Navy.

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Of course Chinese weapons aint good enough. The problem is even though the US can defeat China,they wouldn't like to tangle with it unless China were naive to attack the US first.
Having said that,China aint Iraq,Afghanistan or even Vietnam.Then US forces from bases could attack these countries with immunity and impunity.This will be a thing consigned to the dustbin.
The PLA will make 100% sure US forces and assets will suffer significant and unacceptable damage.
The price for vitory over China will be a US severely damaged.Btw the PLA will improve its offensive component to make doubly sure the PLA will continue to upgrade the devastation to US assets.No world missile shield can give the US 100% immunity from attack if it were to launch a strike on China.THe PLA will ensure its forces will retaliate and wreak at least 50%
damagered.The US has an assued destruction capability with China. All the Chinese need is 30 to 50% destruction to serve as a deterrent.

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