A Vietnam official website was hacked, the Chinese flag appeared on it

According to June 9 issue of "Global Times" reported earlier 8, online news that a website under Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs was "black." "Global Times" reporter in the country at 3 pm the same day log on to the site and found that was hacked, all the links on the page are invalid. After a few days, hundreds of Vietnam also reported website was hacked, some pages appear on the Chinese news.

Vietnamese Foreign Ministry website was hacked

"Global Times" reporter in Vietnam under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to see the self-proclaimed hackers from Yancheng left on the page "3King" and "Xiao Feng" signature. The center is close to the side of the page flag, web links to both the left and to the Son that read, "Nansha Islands of China!" And so forth. Bottom of the page were written in English and Chinese, "Nansha Islands of China! Was, is and will!" At the same time, the site kept playing the Chinese national anthem.

At 16:30 on the 8th or so, "Global Times" in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry press attempt to open the home page, found also in a not logged on. In nearly an hour later, the reporter was successfully logged in, and the link can be successfully opened. As of press time, the Vietnamese government does not this statement, the Vietnamese did not conduct a media report.

Hung Yen province of Vietnam radio station website posted a 7 Ria Vung Tau Province, South Vietnam's official website have all been painted black, the page also with the Chinese saying "the South China Sea" and other words of the screenshots. Vietnam "workers reported" website had also reported that more than 100 Vietnamese websites in recent days by unidentified hackers. After hacking into the site to modify the home page and write in Chinese or in English. Website hacked sites of state organs in both schools and businesses have websites. Only a few sites to be attacked back to normal, most sites still can not log on.

Vietnamese media said hackers attacked the site is not clear how and why, but some network management believes that the perpetrators should come from foreign countries. Vietnam, a number of forums to remind Internet users, as hackers attacked the site to those implanted by the virus, it is recommended users not to log on these sites temporarily.

In a "hacking" event at the same time, the friction in the South China and Vietnam continue to be concerned about. Vietnam "Youth Daily" 8 quoted the words of scholars, it is recommended by the Vietnam Bar Association to come forward, will cut the oil and gas exploration in Vietnam, China ocean surveillance ship cable report on the international court, and compensation for the loss in Vietnam. Vietnam, "the young man reported," quoted Vietnamese Deputy Defense Secretary 7 Ruanzhi chant the words of Lieutenant General, Vietnam in accordance with the Vietnamese military to meet the strategic requirements of the principles of line and equipment, weapons, believe that Vietnam's overall strength, defending national sovereignty in the victory of war . Ruan Zhi Yong also said that Vietnam and China to rely on their own strength to solve problems, not to draw or rely on any particular country to resolve.

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