U.S. intelligence agencies may use most ruthless dirty tricks against China

In line with its major strategic actions, the use of intelligence in the planning of civil unrest to disrupt the opponent opponents of national strategic direction of the country, the United States and Western diplomats traditional means.

U.S. government intelligence agencies

Historical experience is noteworthy. Early 1950, U.S. support for Tibet's upper-rebellion, in June the United States sent troops to the Korean peninsula. 1959 there was only too calm for nearly a year of large-scale violence, the same year the United States instigated the military coup in Laos, Indochina Affairs began a large-scale intervention, instigated in 1961 the United States in Vietnam, "special war" involvement in the Vietnam war. In early 1989, riots in Tibet, followed by spring and summer in Beijing to facilitate large-scale unrest. Small number of Western countries in 2008 and tried to use the occasion of the Olympic Games in Beijing, China "revolt", so before this March and April, there were riots in Tibet, followed in the West all the way to the Olympic flame to China "containment", even though their attempt did not succeed, but the "sound hit the East West" moves are still spider silk to be found.

Disaster, the home fire. Opponents at home in the ignition, is the most ruthless of the international struggle to smother. 1905 after political unrest in Russia, but also behind the shadow of the Japanese intelligence agencies. February 10, 1904, Japan declared war to Russia, February 27, intelligence agencies have long Akashi of Japan Jiro met per the Constitution Party, Finland, "Akashi vowed to provide money and weapons and ammunition. Cass Sterling Japan, Russia agreed to provide information, and to strike, strike, demonstrations, and even armed insurrection and other means to contain Russia's military action against Japan "; October," Akashi planning in the next, all opposition groups inside Russia, in addition to populist party and the civil rights outside the party, held in Paris, a joint meeting of the united front period of five days of the session made a 'political parties display their talents, to demonstrations, assassinations and other action to overthrow the government' resolution. " Subsequently the territory of Russia, there were national political turmoil, followed by the defeat of Russia in the Far East sea. Read the history of this point, I think 2009 in Xinjiang, China has a serious violent criminal nature "7 • 5" event, shortly after the incident, the Japanese Foreign Ministry a rare direct confrontation with the Chinese agreed to advocate "East Turkistan separatists," the "World Uyghur Congress," Kadeer, leader July 28 in the year to visit Japan. According to Japanese media reports, Lee Teng-hui, the Dalai Lama's visit to Japan in succession, respectively. April 2010, Japan once again to release Kadeer and the Dalai Lama an entry visa. If these moves began brewing with the same period in Japan's "Self-Defense Forces to focus across the sea of ​​Okinawa and China and other areas near the East China Sea," to consider military force adjustment program contact, during which the political intentions, can not help but think.

1972 Nixon visit to China, the United States for a long period of time to give up since the start of the 1950s, the Dalai Lama plans to support separatist forces. However, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Cold War the United States gradually directed at China. Entering the new century, the United States increased its support for separatist forces and level. First half of 2010 the United States' return to Asia ", East China Sea in the second half started a comprehensive series of military exercises against China. At the same time increasing public support for the United States a variety of forces to split China. American people seem to have a series of moves back to the 1950s and 1960s in East Asia, when the United States, the usual "sound hit the East West" approach to contain China's strategic center of the target strategy. In order to reduce the pressure of a strategic direction in the opposite direction of its man-made events to divert, stop, or at least to contain China, the central objective of its strategic focus and implementation.

After a lapse of over half a century later, the United States but also to "return to Asia", we should its usual "sound hit the East West" strategy to maintain sufficient vigilance. Chinese Navy to accelerate in the current building, to further deepen exchanges across the Taiwan Strait situation, the need to firmly stick to the major global conflicts, firmly grasp the principal contradiction of the main aspects for the realization of strategic goals in China in recent mid-term sustained effort.

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