U.S. anti-terrorism significant results again, one of bin Laden successors Kashmiri killed in Pakistan

Kashmiri  is active in Pakistan in the "Islamic Jihad Movement" organization leader 

According to "The New York Times," June 4 news, the U.S. military counterterrorism operations in Pakistan to obtain significant results, is considered the "base" organizations, the late head of bin Laden, one of the important succession in Pakistan District Commander Kashi Mi, 3 Day in Pakistan near the Afghan border killed by U.S. unmanned bombers.

According to reports, Kashi Mi is active in Pakistan in the "Islamic Jihad Movement" leader of the organization, the organization has confirmed the Kashi Mi in the death, saying he was 3 at 11 am in northern Brazil, South Lazy Waziristan region killed.

No U.S. bombers in the northern province of Brazil's South Waziristan tribal region has fired four missiles, Kashmiri in the other 9 people were killed. Kashi Mi blown in the charred bodies of the enemy, the United States and Pakistani intelligence official acknowledged that the assertion can not be one hundred percent that he had died.

But Kashi Mi-led militant group in the "Islamic Jihad Movement" in the "313 Brigade," whose death has been confirmed by fax, and threatened to retaliate against the United States.

Kashmiri said family members have been in 6 years and did not contact him, his brother said: "We watch TV to know the news, we are sure he is dead or alive." Pakistani Taliban insisted Kashi Mi in not dead, but bombing is not the area.

Specifically for the U.S. presence in Pakistan, "base" military operational commander, said the organization, Kashi Mi wanted by the authorities in the five top militants of Pakistan, offering a reward amount of up to 500 million U.S. dollars.

Kashmiri in command of the terrorist attacks, including the famous 2005 attack by the Islamic prophet cartoons published in Danish newspaper Jyllands reported, and caused over 160 deaths in 2008 Mumbai bombings.

In 2010, a U.S. court in Pakistan, Khan, a taxi driver suspected of providing material support to al Qaeda's case, the prosecutor pointed out that La Ali Khan has said that Kashmiri in the "Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden within the ranks After the most important figure. "

According to La Ali Khan's testimony, he met with the Kashmiri in more than 15 years, and they often met in Pakistan.

U.S. intelligence officials have recently revealed that there is evidence that, in the past few years, Kashmiri became the al-Qaeda in the "a gently rising star", he is likely to be Lieruladeng successor "candidate list. "

According to reports, Kashmiri whereabouts hidden inside, he appeared in public, often wearing a pair of sunglasses. He was the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a key track down one of the goals.

As the commandos of the Kashmiri served in special forces in Pakistan, he had helped train guerrillas in Afghanistan and Kashmir rebels, and later he joined the "base" close "the Islamic Jihad movement," and the organization to become leaders.

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