TheU.S. has heavily in debt, can no longer play the role of world policeman

German "Der Spiegel": United States - Stingy world power (by Gregor Peter Schmitz)

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates 

CHINA MILITARY: Original Abstract: This is a rarely hear of afterwards. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates criticized NATO partners incompetence, even indirectly threatened to withdraw from the Union. This impassioned speech that disappointed the United States to Europe, but more that one thing: debt-laden world of the United States can no longer play the role of the police.

Robert Gates is a cool-headed person, he is not the kind of never want to obtain more funds for more weapons and militants. The U.S. Secretary of Defense in Washington, living in a modest house a military base, where his own flowers. For some general attention to the pursuit of luxurious pomp he smiled, when they tried to resist the budget cuts, he and some of them had an argument.

The outgoing secretary of defense in Brussels again in a farewell address to NATO partner countries severely training a pass, and predicted that the world's most important defense alliance's future "is a bleak, if not, then there is no hope." So the former than Bill Gates, is also planning the next battle Donald Rumsfeld long empty weight of a large re-occupied by the enemy more.

Gates cool-headed analysis that, within NATO there is a "two-tier society": the moment 75% of the United States bear the costs, but even the Member States of the European war defense budget has been reduced to a veritable "exhaustion" , just as the example of Libya, as indicated. The current 28 NATO members, only five of the original agreement on defense spending to gross domestic product of 2%.(CHINA MILITARY)

Prior to his speech at the Gates, NATO defense ministers meeting failed to reach a new commitment to what the Libyan capital. People know that the United States to Libya, a substantial increase in funding operations, only the 2011 fiscal year spending plan for more than the nearly 3 billion U.S. dollars.

American criticism is not really nothing new. Gates has repeatedly complained about the past "to the militarization of Europe" in full swing in the Afghan war when faced with this contradiction is almost split Zeng Union threat.

What is new is denounced by the exposure of information about the position the United States itself. U.S. Secretary of Defense Analysis, said, "will and the patience is gone," or, more precisely, in the Allied defense did not seriously intend to become a true partner, the United States will continue to invest scarce resources and patience.(CHINA MILITARY)

Gates's words will affect the American people to discuss things that have diplomatic experience: the importance of the cost. Or the United States may remain the "indispensable nation", the country can not be replaced. But it may become a very stingy country.

利昂帕内塔 Gates's successor will be the first minister of a savings. Pre-determined U.S. President Barack Obama, Panetta in the next 12 years to cut 400 billion U.S. dollars. U.S. Congress, many members now believe that the U.S. simply can not afford war. They stated reason is that a national debt over 14 trillion U.S. dollars of the country or in the domestic investment is better.

Therefore, the Tea Party and the United States the right-wing left-wing unity suddenly up on this point: they do not want to be war. Left because they want peace, the right is because they want to save.

This is declining superpower, the United States also intends to continue to do it? In this issue, Republicans and Democrats now have no gap between the. Even the right-wing camp, there are such figures as Ron Paul: he wants to withdraw immediately all troops in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will soon be history. But the United States will not stop the discussion about the cost, whether it is around the withdrawal from Afghanistan or anything else. Therefore, the other members of the United States and NATO will not stop the debate between.(CHINA MILITARY)

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