Russian engines supply may constraint China provide JF-17 fighters to Pakistan

JF-17 fighters Pakistan Air Force equipped  

According to the Russian "military messenger" June 1 reported that military and political situation in South Asia has been tense recently, China was prepared to the strengthening of Palestinian military technical assistance.

Russian media said, "India Times" recently claimed that China demands the U.S. to respect Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani to visit China, a result of the visit to Pakistan Jiangzai receive an additional 50 aircraft from China JF-17 fighters, and immediately delivered, the contract without advance payment.

Pakistan has also requested China to accelerate almost Gwadar port construction in the base. Not long ago, all of which are U.S. Special Forces operations in the Palestinian territory without authorization to get rid of Osama bin Laden led to the consequences of rapid deterioration of bilateral relations, Pakistan has every reason to worry about possible U.S. military intervention again to Pakistan, so trying to consolidate its position in China .

Russian media said that Pakistan is China's traditional friendly countries in South Asia, is more reliable on China's foreign strategic partner. China and India to compete in the most recent decades, the Asian dominance in the competition, have adopted indirect strategy, to use his country to contain and wait for opponents make mistakes.

China's assistance to Pakistan has been actively help the heads of Pakistan's missile development has long been a secret. Pakistan has long been the bulk purchase of Chinese weapons. More importantly, China's investment in infrastructure in Pakistan, as well as China, the construction of deep-water port in Gwadar, naval bases could be used to establish future.

Clearly the intent of these reconstruction projects is to the Indian Ocean region through military bases throughout the chain, together with a strong transport infrastructure support and the built entirely controlled by the strategic hub of China, to curb the influence of India in the area.

Additional supply of 50 Chinese JF-17 fighters of course, consistent with this strategic vision. Pakistan starting from 2007 was 30 from the Chinese JF-17 fighter, which is very important for Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan Air Force, although the number of large, but the equipment level is relatively backward, most aircraft have been seriously old, both 60-70 years of last century's products, such as the French "Mirage III", but also technically backward products, such as China, J -7.

Pakistan Air Force 26 Squadron is one of the fine duty troops of Pakistan Air Force, after equipment is Q-5III fighters. The picture shows the first 26 JF-17 squadron equipped withQ-5 fighters (right) April 11, dress up the ceremony held at the squadron, with the Palestinian national production of JF-17 fighters to replace the Q-5 fighters.

This equipment can not be compared and the Indian Air Force, which has a large modern 4th generation fighters, such as the MiG -29, Su-30MKI, "Mirage 2000". Pakistan Air Force had only 40 advanced fighters in the last century the United States supplied the mid-80s F-16A / B block 15, and last year just got two more modern F-16 C / D block 52 + Flight Team. 

If we get 50 from the modernization of Chinese JF-17, then the Pakistan Air Force will significantly improve combat effectiveness. 

Although the U.S., is Pakistan's traditional military and political partner, but recently the leaders of the Obama administration and the relationship between Pakistan deteriorated sharply, the Palestinian side can not get U.S. military aid, thus significantly strengthening its relations with China can be said is a response to the United States was disappointed. 

Russian media said the other, Pakistan, China to supply a large number of JF-17 fighter planes to Russia's interests will also be involved. 

Is well known, JF-17 was originally designed to use the Russian RD-93 engine, the modified RD-33 product is the heart of the MiG -29 fighters, the Chinese version of JF-17 is the FC-1 "Fierce Dragon", it should be WS-assembly 13 engine. 

But the engine is a huge manufacturing base area, China in materials science, metallurgy, metal processing, special face great difficulties. 

In short, the export-oriented export JF-17 Russian-made engines severely constrained by the supply, which is currently the Russian side to stop the Chinese side to promote the primary means of this aircraft, because it has become a direct competitor to the Russian MiG -29. 

In contrast, Russia has long allowed licensed production in India 3 Department of RD-33 engines for conversion of about 70 Indian Air Force MiG -29B/UB fighters. 

PAF No.26 squadron, the new armband of Pakistan Air Force squadron 26 after equipped JF-17 fighters 

Pakistan Air Force JF-17 fighter

JF-17 prototype three view

PAF No. 26 Squadron nicknamed the "black spider", which is one of the fine duty troops of Force Pakistan Air Force 

Pakistan "black spider" Squadron currently equipped JF-17 fighter, the tail can be seen "black spider" logo

JF-17 fighter assembly plant in Chengdu AVIC of China

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