Qaddafi maybe have gone away with Saddam if he did not give up nuclear in 2003

June 27, Gaddafi is on the wanted list of International Criminal Tribunal. Since March this year, NATO military strikes since Gaddafi, who has spread an argument at home and abroad, said the reason why Gaddafi beaten because he gave up the nuclear weapons program in 2003. North Korea has claimed that this can still be understood, but some Chinese people will be puzzling the echo.


First, Gaddafi beaten by several factors. Primary reason is the intensification of internal conflicts Libya. Gaddafi Libya beaten domestic opposition from the first bar. Western countries hostile to his unpopular policies and terrorist activities, taking advantage of the chaos stick it to him a fatal blow. In essence, Gaddafi beaten or not, entirely depends on whether he give up nuclear weapons. Even if he has nuclear weapons, at most Western countries will slightly change the ways and means of hands, does not make him to avoid being beaten. On the contrary, if he refuses to abandon its nuclear program in 2003, perhaps had to follow Saddam away. He is smart and timely dismantlement of nuclear programs, but only to extend his rule for eight years. In the Middle East, nuclear weapons can not touch the power lines. United States and Israel used the means of war to destroy Iraq's nuclear facilities three times, eventually due to misrepresentation Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and the United States will be counted on to kill the count. Syria's secret nuclear facility in September 2007 was destroyed by Israel. Bashar and his current predicament is not no love in the relationship between nuclear weapons. A nuclear North Korea was able to step out of the first step, because of the conflict between great powers is that the United States, opportunistic behavior. With the United States both want China to stop North Korea possessed nuclear weapons, a nuclear North Korea wants to use restraint in China.

Second, nuclear weapons, not so god, it does not have life-giving effect. That it can decide the fate of a regime that non-Marxist-Leninist "theory that weapons alone." The vast majority of countries do not have nuclear weapons, including a big country, a small country, with poor countries, but also the rich, capitalist countries, but also the Communist Party of the socialist state. Apart from individual countries, which do not exist in most countries in danger of being beaten. On the contrary, some countries give up nuclear weapons, to focus more toward the national well-being, but feel safe. Soviet nuclear weapons, and has the world's largest nuclear weapons, because it does not solve the domestic economic, political aspects of the structural contradictions, eventually proved unfounded, the disintegration of collapse. After all, nuclear weapons is not the elixir of life, to map the blood run out of sperm, but it will become the bane thirst.

Third, Chinese people should have to stand in the position of China to speak. Since the destruction of a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula is not the interest of China, is not conducive to the Peninsula and Northeast Asia peace and stability, not looking for excuses to justify doing this dangerous trend. Chinese Government's official position is that the denuclearization of the Peninsula, and is working to promote North Korea abandon its nuclear program through six-party talks process. For China, a nuclear-free Peninsula is China's fundamental and long-term interests, reflects the fact the pursuit of other local and short-term interests.

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