Philippines and Vietnam are both just bargaining chips, China and the U.S. are really the big players

Although China has repeatedly called on the relevant parties of South China Sea dispute to exercise restraint, but some actions of the neighboring countries seems intent on expanding  South China Sea dispute. The Philippines was held on December 28 and 11 days of the U.S. joint military exercises at sea.

"Philippine Star" on June 28 article gave this hot poured cold water on the US-Philippine military exercises. According to the article, the Philippines, do not expect the United States will play for the Philippines Yin Nanhai problems.

The article said that the face of China in the South China Sea "military posture", a small country like the Philippines is difficult to "maintain the exclusive economic zone within its territory (EEZ) of the rich mineral resources."

Compared to the fire-breathing dragon of China, the Philippines as a "dwarf", so only "forced to seek foreign aid" and wait for U.S. weapons in the process of getting comfort - "Philippine-US Mutual Defense Treaty."

However, the U.S. is more concerned about its creditors and its largest trading partners of the major geopolitical game. South China Sea for potential military conflict, the U.S. defense in the Philippines speak indeed noteworthy.

From the White House, State Department, to the Senate, the U.S. officials at all levels are engaged in the chorus as uncharacteristically as its support the Philippines. This inevitably raises doubts.

At the same time, Washington is working with Beijing on the broader global issues to start high-level talks, including the South China Sea territorial disputes.

In the battle with Beijing's "card game", Manila, happen to be in Washington may be a card pocket. Vietnam still do not know how the game is "playing", but certainly not so easy to hook Manila.

"When the United States after a false sense of security to the Philippines", Manila, the next move will be closely watched.

The article also said, be pointed out that China and South China Sea territorial disputes in the United States is the final stage of the game "real players", the two countries will not allow the war broke out.

Philippines, China and the U.S. are simply unwilling to accept or not prepared to go to war with each other the fact that you can.

The Philippines also needs to be recognized, "Philippine-US Mutual Defense Treaty" will only make the Philippines fell into the "U.S. ready to fight and sacrifice for their former colonies' fantasies.

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