Japanese media encouraged the government to join Southeast Asian countries to maintain vigilance on China

China Military: 10, Japan's defense ministry by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force's initial public shooting by Chinese naval vessels to Okinawa - the high seas waterways Miyako screen. This is the first public Japanese government trend of the Chinese navy screen. A few days earlier, the Japanese media has been enthusiastically participated in the "Chinese navy sailed the Pacific." Some of the media complaining about the Chinese navy ocean training "normalization", while encouraging joint U.S. and Japanese government some "encounter the same problems," the Southeast Asian countries, together with China to maintain "vigilance and surveillance."

Photo taken by Japan, Chinese naval vessels 

According to the Japanese NHK television reported that 10 days, Japan's defense ministry announced that a Chinese 8 8 this month, naval vessels by a frigate in the Miyako Island, Okinawa and video between the high seas. Screen display, 8, noon, Miyako Island in Japan, about 100 kilometers northeast of the high seas, aboard the frigate sailed southeast positive. Ongoing task of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force guard frigate "horse" was photographed on the staff the screen. (China Military)

Japan's defense ministry said that the Chinese navy frigate "new battle ship", was then 30 kilometers per hour voyage to the Pacific. In addition to 8, the Japan 9, China also confirmed that there are three ships in the Pacific to implement the exercise. Japan's defense ministry said it would continue to guard and monitor Chinese naval exercises in the Pacific. According to Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported that Japan's defense minister Kitazawa handsome 10th after the morning cabinet meeting press conference on the issue of China views the Navy exercises. He said: "We are gravely concerned about the Chinese Navy's training exercises. In addition, too much for the Chinese Navy without further action, we will be 'closely monitored'." The report said Kitazawa stressed that China should exercise restraint. "As a big country, China's naval exercises should be in moderation."

Although the Chinese Ministry of Defense has made clear that this is the Chinese Navy's routine annual training plan in line with the relevant norms of international law, not targeted at any specific country and objectives. However, the Japanese government and China's every move up and down still very "tight" right-wing is trumpeted the "China threat." In addition, the U.S. Navy has also dynamic in China is very tense. Japan, "Asahi Shimbun," 10 said, was appointed secretary of defense under the United States, the United States CIA Director Panetta 9 at the U.S. Senate hearing, said, "China's military is to prevent U.S. military intervention to enhance the ability of Taiwan Affairs," said "the Chinese armed forces should continue to closely monitor the movement." There are Japanese media said the United States Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye recently in Tokyo, members of "Japan-US relations" in the title of the speech, accused China of building aircraft carriers, submarines, and other increases, warning that "China is testing our system," .

"Sankei Shimbun" that the Japanese need to take seriously the U.S. government and the information from Congress. Also, look for territory with China on the South China Sea in Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries of the trends. Japan to the Japan-US alliance as the axis, the United States encountered the same problem in Southeast Asia, will China into "for maritime security" discussions between the multinational, which requires strong diplomatic force. The newspaper suggested that Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will visit Japan today. In addition, the Japan-US diplomatic, defense head Security Consultative Committee consisting of "2 +2" meeting will be held later this month, hoping not to waste the establishment of a new strategy toward China's diplomatic opportunities. For the Japanese authorities and media performance, World Wide Web 10 survey, more than Jiucheng User that Japan's "overreaction."

On the other hand, a major earthquake in Japan, which were silent, "Gordon Diaoyu Islands Plan" is making a comeback. According to Kyodo News 10 reported that mayor Ohama Nagateru of Ishigaki City in Okinawa Prefecture Elan day visit Japan Coast Guard, Ministry of Agriculture and other departments, and the Coast Guard to the Executive of the Democratic Party and other parties concerned to apply the Diaoyu Islands, called for the island memory of the victims was held at the end of World War II ships of the ceremony.  Ohama Nagateru also asked the Japan Coast Guard stepped up security to ensure the safety of fishermen around the Diaoyu Islands. Ohama Nagateru is referred to the victims of the incident in July 1945, two refugee boat from Ishigaki Island Japan, Taiwan, was bound for the U.S. military air strikes, heavy casualties. Ishigaki city of Diaoyu Islands in 1969 to build monuments, but never on the island memory. Analysts believe that this practice is encouraged, Zhongshan ordinary people in Japan registered the Diaoyu Islands. (China Military)

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