High-speed railway in China may become an object that extremists destroy

The rapid development of high-speed railway in China has brought five risks. Yesterday, Coordination Council special meeting of the special action that crack down sternly on Illegal offense activities against the safety of rail transport of Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway line was held in Beijing. An Office of the State Council, deputy director of the Commission, the State Administration of Work Safety Wang, deputy director of Science issued a warning as above.

The forthcoming opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail operators, faced with the rapid development of high-speed rail, Wang pointed out that the study because of its technology and new high-speed rail, high speed, difficult to make management tasks increase, the risks are also great, in the event of an accident, the consequences could be disastrous.

Wang analysis, involving some of these issues within the railway, some related to Comprehensive Social Governance. Along the risk management which became the focus of special action fighting. All relevant departments will endanger the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail crackdown the illegal construction of the illegal acts of production and management, comprehensive investigation and remediation along the security risks and ensure the safe operation of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail.

Technical risk

Including subgrade settlement, rail flatness, locomotive braking performance, signal control and communication system stability, reliability and so needs some time to practice, test and improve.

Risk management

Relevant laws, regulations, standards, management systems, personnel and other needs to a gradual improvement of the quality improvement process.

Environmental risks along the

In addition to its own high-speed rail security risk, but also involves the station, weather hazards, security along the highways and railways cross each other and a series of risks. Wang study highlighted some units and individuals related to railway safety zone for investment and development, engaged in mining activities, production and operation of plant start-point, building houses, at the mercy of other stalls, etc., laid the accidents.

Social Risk

Wang learn that an operation is equivalent to a high-speed rail track on the Mercedes-Benz in the giant airliner, it is possible for a variety of extremist elements to undermine the object.

Security Monitoring

High level of security surveillance along the railway to be upgraded as well, residents along the high-speed rail safety awareness levels to be improved.

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