Chinese SWAT team equipped Russian armored cars

May 29, Chinese SWAT team detachment of Urumqi City held police camps open day 2011, six special police detachment from the brigade, the four SWAT team members of the public who was invited to speak to the cudgel, gun drill, offense and defense and other subjects hand Reporting performance. The Open Day is also the Urumqi Municipal Public Security Bureau for this year was held in Urumqi, the first China - Asia-Europe security Fair to do a comprehensive review of work.

The Citizens visited the Russian-made police specialty vehicles Tiger in Chinese SWAT detachment of Urumqi, Chinese special police 

Chinese SWAT detachment of Urumqi  Introduced police firearms to pupils, Chinese special police 

Chinese SWAT detachment of Urumqi, introduced to the students police guns, Chinese special police 

Chinese SWAT detachment of Urumqi to the public about police use of special vehicles, Chinese special police 

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